Thursday, August 14, 2008

K through 12

From The Wife:
On Monday August 11, 2008 Machini started kindergarten . His homework that day was to make a collage of his family at home and to choose some things he likes and something his family does together.

Machini choose all the pictures in his collage and he sounded out everything he wanted to write to describe what the pictures where for his teacher.

Top left hand corner ha choose a picture of DLP, Machini and myself because he likes this picture he said.
Center the boys at an Angels game cause he loved this day he says.
Right hand corner a picture of the apples we get at Oak Glen each year.

Left Center grama because she is always at our house and grampa in center right and they take me everywhere.
Center he says that is the best picture of his family that he likes a lot.

The lower left side is his Papa and himself fishing " Boy I really loved this day with my Papa and me fishing" he said as we pasted it on the collage.

Lower right side is a picture of a "family picture a couple of years ago and he said he liked it because everyone was making a funny face as he laughs.

And last but not least he choose City of Hope he said because he had to let his teacher know that this is where we go with his papa to make his leg feel better and he said.
Underneath the picture he wrote my papa has cancer

I thought this was pretty amazing that he understands what is going on. And he felt that he had to share City of Hope as part what are family does.
He could of chosen Laughlin but instead he choose City of Hope. He should M&M and he loved it. You could see Machini was very proud of his work.

I thought I'd share a piece of Machini's first day of school.

DLP is settling in, in High School and seems to be enjoying it. She started getting homework already. As soon as DLP has a project I will post on the blog.(haha)

Till next time

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My How We've Changed!

These pictures were taken 4 years ago in August 2004. What's going on with you four years later? I'm sure lots. But, anything you want to share...With us in the FSTS neighborhood :)? I'll go first: I am glad Moshura's lung cancer tumors were nabbed in May (and that we're still on the lookout for more) and that I have you crazy people to keep me up to date on everything while I am here on the opposite coast. Also, that I am done with school and can devote more time to the blog once summer is over. Just waiting for my vacation in September and possibly new job and then things will fall into place, I promise... With a new look and new features!! You'll see!