Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Think Cure Volunteer Experience

Volunteering for the Think Cure at the Dodgers Stadium was great!
We all arrived ready to go and ready to start helping in anything we could.
As we arrived we were greeted by Ingrid and Jason who then gave us a Think Cure
volunteer t-shirts. Then we were given jobs and we started to get busy.

Jobs were either inputting data into the computer, collecting online donations, holding off the crowds that were forming to have a picture taken with the one and only Fernando Valenzuela.
Tommy Lasorda was also there taking pictures with fans. Marco, Victor, Joe,Jen were invited to go see the radio-a-thon in one of the suites were they were taking donations by phone and online.
The atmosphere was so exciting that you were just excited for being there helping a good cause that was close to all of our hearts.
There were 10 of us in total who volunteered. We all agreed that it would be something we would do next year and maybe we can get more family members to volunteer. DLP was so excited to be there it didn't matter what they needed help in she was ready for the challenge. DLP and Turd gave 2hours more than asked and it was appreciate it by many.
Thank you both for that.
The kids had a ball watching the game and eating all that the Dodgers had to offer like Dodger Dogs, Soda, Pretzels, etc, etc.. they were all on their best behavior. They didn't have a job at the time for Marco when we arrived so they told him to go enjoy the game and he did, you didn't have to ask him twice.
Good Job to All : Leezy, Lazy T, One Day At A Time, S3U5, Victor,Joe,Jen,DLP,Marco .
Can't wait till next year.
Happy to report that the THINK CURE raised 107% of their goal over $214,000.00

Marco Update: Marco has been doing really good. All his hair has grown out and he is looking really good. He will be going next Monday for a CT Scan and blood work. Our fingers are crossed and with hopes that all will continue to look good for Marco. I will post the results to the test next week.

Again THANK YOU to all for volunteering....GREAT JOB!
Enjoy the video from our experience at Think Cure 2009!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dodgers Stadium THINK CURE!

Dodgers Stadium THINK CURE! http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/la/community/think_cure.jsp this weekend starting today and the family has all volunteered their time for this awesome charity to help the community.
The call came out that they needed volunteers to help at the Dodgers Stadium and we didn't hesitate. This will be our first charity event as a family and hell, we are very excited to join in on the fun.
I would like to invite everyone if you can to donate even $5.00 to the cause . The proceeds go to Childrens' Hospital in Los Angeles and City of Hope. Now we all know we owe a great deal to City of Hope for saving Marco's leg (twice) and taking the cancer away till now. So we need to come together with the Dodgers to help them in their efforts to the help the community.

Tonight the game will start at 7:10pm and the donations have been taken since early this morning so get a move on. We will take pictures to post later.........DONATE NOW!

Thank you to Surviving 3under5 for getting all the information we all needed and organizing this family event for tonight and Surviving 3under5 baby's daddy for volunteering to stay with all 3 + Machini makes 4 kids.
To Marco for saying yes on the first try.... DLP , we are hoping she can make it, if she is feeling better (cold) One Day At A Time, Leezy120,Lazy T, Mookie, Jen and Turd to all of you stepping up to the plate even if it was last minute. Thank you to all! Let's go have some fun!

Let's Go Dodgers! Let's Go!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Ocean of Hope Campaign
The Ocean of Hope campaign is the largest fundraising event of the year for The Sarcoma Alliance. Ocean of Hope (O2H) is a paddle board race held each year in August in conjunction with the Catalina Classic in Southern California. The 32-mile course begins at Catalina Island and finishes at the Manhattan Beach shoreline.

The O2H Campaign is a special group of paddlers who have annually volunteered to dedicate their race to the benefit of the Sarcoma Alliance and thousands of sarcoma patients and their families. Every yard, every mile, and every arm stroke, will be made in the hope that their passion and grit propels people to give to the Sarcoma Alliance this year.

Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for The Sarcoma Alliance so that we can continue our work of guidance, education, and support to sarcoma patients and their caregivers.

Contact The Alliance with questions or for more information about The Ocean of Hope Campaign by sending an email to info@sarcomaalliance.org.

Calling all Rally Monkey's.......Let's get together and have a lot of fun. Get you beach towel, swim suits, plus your picnic and join us to cheer for the paddle boarders coming in to Manhattan Beach. It's for a good cause and we can spend the day at the beach. E-mail me and let me know if you can or can't make it.

UPDATE: It has been 3 months with no cancer as far as the eyes can see. Marco has been doing very well, thus far and is also doing well with the Phase III Trail medication. He hasn't had any side affects, but that doesn't mean he is not taking the actual drug. It has been nice not having to go to City of Hope and seeing Marco wanting to do things especially when it is spontaneous.
We have been invited to some summer birthday parties and outings, and let me tell you, we have been non-stop just up until before the kids started school. Yes, they are back to school, the house is so quite now.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has been there for us through all of Marco's stays at City of Hope and to all who doesn't know us and had a kind heart to lend a hand. It took us awhile to accept that sometimes when you need help, it's ok to ask for help. From the bottom of all of our heart THANK YOU for being there for us. THANK YOU is not big of a word to express our gratitude for everything everyone has done.
Hope everyone can make it to Manhattan Beach, Ca on August 30th at 9 am, let me know.