Friday, January 29, 2010

Got Platelets and Two Bags of Blood

Well, Wednesday was an all day event starting at 9:30 am. Marco had an appointment for lab work to see if his platelets were low and had a tentative appointment for a blood transfusion if needed.
By 11:30 they called him in for the results of his blood test which showed that this platelets were extremely low from a 150 ,his were at a 9 and his red blood count was low as well.

Marco says dead man walking...... so we were like now what.... so the nurse says ok 1 bag of platelets and 2 bags of blood..... you will be here for a while.

Marco slept thru all the transfusions on and off. He said he didn't feel any different from when he went in. So we left City of Hope at about 5:30pm and straight to the Hat for a burger.

He has been doing we are packing to go back to COH on Monday for his final chemo round and hoping the chemo is still doing it's job.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crossing Fingers ...No Platelets Needed

Yesterday, Medicated Man invited Marco to go fishing and Marco agreed. So after sitting in his fishing chair and taking in the sun. They didn't even get a damn nibble on the line. So about 12:00 o'clock I called Marco to see if he had caught something for dinner yet and he replied with " You better have Red Barron Pizza on speed dial" ...I was cracking up. So to make this long story short....he didn't bring one damn fish home. Good thing I made him a of his favorite.....chicken in Salsa de Pato with some red rice on the side, beans and some guacamole to top things off.

His appetite has been good .....he just needs to eat slow to keep it down. But all in all, he has been doing well. After getting home from fishing yesterday, I notice that Marco had some red spots on his neck and on his legs. This could be an indicator of low platelets but we will know for sure tomorrow when he goes in for his labs.

An appointment is given for lab work after every chemo cycle is finished to check his platelet. Usually after one week, so along with this appointment a tentative appointment is also given for a possible transfusion of platelets but only if needed. No time wasted @ COH.
So crossing our fingers that he won't need it.

I will keep you posted on what happens.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Glad to be Home

After a long week at COH we are back home. Marco has been feeling very tired but is up and doing things already. He has been doing well with round 3 of chemo that is a good thing. We were glad to come home late last night just to sleep in our bed.

We woke up late and Marco enjoyed a BIG bowl of Menudo that Salt-n-Pepper and Medicated Man brought this morning with two carne asada tacos on the side you read right all that he ate this morning . Followed by a piece of fudge brownie. Nothing but eating is what he is long as it stays in it's all good I guess.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We Have A Winner!

The picture says it all.....need I say more. We enjoyed a great game of Srcabble! Marco is not one to play board games but I can say that he enjoyed playing, cheating and all. He found an internet page with scrabble words that can be used which I thought it was funny cause that just verified that he wants to play scrabble today even though he doesn't know it

He may say yes just because the other game I brought was Lotteria and I know for a fact he is not going to play this game.

Day one of chemo was good and this morning he had chemo #2. Since the chemo started at 1:00 thru about 5:00 in this morning we got about 2 -3 hours of sleep because then it was time for the nurse to come in and take his vitals and the doctors started to make their rounds. So we may be taking a long nap this after noon after our morning scrabble.
So we will see how it goes today, I will keep you posted.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last Day of 10 Day Antibiotics

It has been a while since I have written but we have been enjoying being home and relaxing. The last couple of weeks have been crazy with Marco being in the hospital for four days and being let out one day before New Years Eve with his platelets being very low and having an infection. This was due to his immune system being so vulnerable during chemo.

He needed a 10 day antibiotic infusion to fight the infection. So I volunteered to infuse the medication through his IV. I was even acting the part of the nurse, verifying his name, date of birth and so on. Even called him Mr. Mendez for the whole one hour and a half infusion. I thought it was funny. On the other hand I hate that he had to come home and have this done at home knowing that he would have to return to COH for chemo a week later after having the IV at home. But we have to do what we have to do to have him feel better.

Very glad that Marco is no longer going to need me to infuse a one hour and a half infusion of antibiotics anymore. Today was the last of a 10 day infusion. I didn't mind at all , but I know being attached that long without really able to do anything while attached to an IV is tough enough. So now he was one whole day to enjoy not being attached and then we are off to COH again, for his third cycle of chemo which I am glad to tell you that the tumors have shrunk 90%. So the chemo is working.

We did get to take our family picture. Thanks goes to Leezy120, LazyT, and ODAT who set up momma's house with a perfect background. We spent Christmas at home with Marco's family and New Year's too. Since Marco had just gotten out of the hospital we stayed home. It was a little weird for us because we usually have a full house and to have no noise was weird. There is all ways next time.

So for now, Marco is doing well, not looking forward to returning for more chemo but since it's working I guess we have no choice in the matter.