Monday, March 29, 2010

One week today

It's been one week today since Marco came home. First couple of days he couldn't eat to much and he would get full with only just a little food. But he has gradually started to eat more which is good. So he has lost some weight, he finally shaved, his hair has been growing at an alarming rate....if Micheal Jackson was alive he could of auditioned for a wolf part or something

One of the medications will be finishing tomorrow and two other ones will be done in 7 more days. Frustration starts to kick in and it is understandable ....leaving the damn hospital only to continue hospital hours in your own home sucks.

Tomorrow we will be going to COH to have them remove all 33 staples on his left side and hopefully take out the drainage tube he still has in place. Which we think may be the cause of added pain to that area. A CT Scan will also be done to check his lungs and blood drawn for lab work. This infection has really made us uneasy and this time around was really hard for a speedy recovery but slowly but surely.

As for now he is still on a slight isolation and getting his rest. Momma M and the girls came this weekend and even though they stayed for about an hour :) she made a pot of caldo de pollo which was yummy. Marco seemed a little tired but talk a little then went to rest. Thank you for the visit and understanding that he still needs his most needed rest to fully recover.

It's overwhelming and scary at times to see everything he goes through. From the surgery, the side affects of all the medication which he needs so he doesn't feel the pain, the severe infection he had and to deal with all the chills and fevers and come home to more medication and side affects as well with hardly any rest for now.

One day at a time.......

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day Two

Day Two:
The home nurse came yesterday to make sure I was going to be ok with giving Marco his IV antibiotics. Once she saw I was fine she left and I was on my own. Today will be a whole day that I will be infusing the IV so, so far it is going well.

Still on antibiotics one of them one every 8 hours and the other every 12 hours thru IV. One by mouth 4x a day plus pain medication as needed. He has been doing well....and I think I have been doing a hell of job doing the infusion for him. lol

Marco has been eating better at home..Salt-n-Pepper and DLP had some chicken soup for him when we got home yesterday and I made some pork with green salsa and rice and he tore it up you would have thought que lo tenian amarado. The food has been going down smoothly so that is a good thing. He is getting around the house just fine.

He had some oatmeal, toast, yogurt, and apple sauce this morning with some orange juice and canela seemed to go down. So off to a good start I would say...
Still tired and with some discomfort as he says on the surgery side and I still have him confined to the room till his stomach is feeling better just for house precautions. Which he is doing better.

I will keep you posted....:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today we finally go home! Very excited! This time it's fo'real, they are getting all the paper work done. We are just waiting two hours so he can get his last potassium pills before leaving the hospital. Just finished his last PT session and with one hour to go. Mr. AnsyPants is wanting to scream like that IKEA commercial START THE CAR! START THE CAR!

The kids were excited to get the text this morning and so were many of you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not coming home today...ugh!

Well, Marco will not be going home today, I was hoping that they may change their minds but of course they didn't. We will try again for tomorrow. Meanwhile it's good like that he can be watched for anything and to make sure he is ok to go home.

Marco had been walking around the floor today and the last walk the PT took him off the floor to the new PT room with all the bikes so Marco took it upon himself to tell the girl that she could use any of the equipment she wanted. So she said you want to get on the bike and Marco said yes. Ten minutes later Marco got off and walked back to his room. My jaw dropped to my knee because I missed it , I was waiting for him in the room then ran to the bathroom and when I came back he had just arrived from his tour. Unbelievable the things he does. GREAT JOB HONEY!!!

We just want to go home and see our kids we have been missing Machini since Monday and DLP since yesterday. We love and miss you guys. The phone is just not enough, hope to see you guys soon.

It's been a very long, exhausting day today with test and nurses coming and going. We will be going to sleep early and hope Marco has a good night tonight with out waking up to much.

Night Ya'll

Got Sleep? We didn't!

Well sleep we didn't get much of last night. Marco was up all night with the scoots. lol I can see his face when he reads this entry. He will beginning with "Why the hell you want to announce that to the world. lol and I will laugh and say I couldn't find a nicer word for the shits. lol followed by "You would be looking for a nicer word. lol and I would laugh again.

So today it's about 10:45am and they will taking Marco for another ultrasound of his right leg because his leg was very swollen more than the normal so just for precautions that there is no blood clot they will check this morning. Marco is still having severe pain on his left shoulder since day one after the surgery but has been tolerating the physical therapy movements as well as he can tolerate them.

Dr. Grannis came in last night and checked up on Marco and said he was glad all has gone well with the surgery but we still have to keep in eye on his intestinal infection that he has to make sure it doesn't turn into a more serious problem so he is to stay on the antibiotics at home for seven days and if he feels any pain or is still bloated in a week he is to come back to get checked right away. He again told us that all the labs looked good and there was no cancer at the margins so again very happy to hear that Marco is cancer free now.

I think all would have gone well after the surgery if Marco hadn't gotten the severe intestinal infection he would have been recovering better but the very high fevers and chills not to mention the scoots just didn't go very well for him. So now we continue with our one day at a time and focus on getting Marco home to fully recover in his own room , bed etc, etc......

Can't say thank you enough to all of you .....we truly appreciate everything....for the hotel stay that went over the one to two days turned out to be a six days. For washing my dirty clothes or else I would have been a nasty ass walking around COH.

For taking Machini to the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, the Jewish Temple or just laying in the grass as you froze your ass off cause he was asleep on your jacket.

For staying with DLP who didn't want to leave the 3rd floor lobby to be closer to her dad. Even though she scared the hell out of you when she woke from a deep sleep and scared everyone in the lobby cause she has sleep texting syndrome and didn't even know it.

For running back and forth to get us something to drink or eat and for all of the well wishes, thoughts, e-mail, texts, white envelopes support, snail mail, calls and for the most important thing that has helped us through all this ordeal, the one true source that helps us get over all the shit we go through is all the positive vibes from the positive people around us. Thank you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Will be heading home tomorrow

Marco's temp is now normal since last night. All labs came back normal this morning. They will be sending him with 2 medication by IV and he will be put on a no fried food, low sugar intake. He will have his picc line installed again for easy access to his vein for the medications, later on today he will have a CT Scan.

The infection specialist came into the room to do an exam gave him a list of what to look for at home and what to do just in case. The cellulitis on his lower abdomen will be watched as well seems like it is more light pink than red. We will also be taking precautions at home for the next couple of days the basic washing hand constantly and using anit-baterial solutions. The doctors let us know that the precaution of isolation is to maintain a clean barrier of our clothes to control what we bring in and what we take out. Again for precaution.

Marco is very excited he will be going home tomorrow and get the much needed rest from being in the hospital and in his own bed.

DLP was very excited when I gave her the news this morning was I.

Thank you everyone for all of your support and well wishes and thoughts. We do appreciate everything everyone does for us.


Oh I was so happy to see Marco being moved to a reg. floor being in ICU made me nervous just being there is scary I guess. The nurses there were awesome. The attention that they give their patients is amazing, very caring.

Marco's temp came down to 99.9 at about 8pm today. Yay! Finally I see a glimpse of a full recovery from this severe infection he has in his belly. I was able to let out a sigh of relief and feel my shoulders hurt from all the stress this week has been not to mention the weeks before surgery. I feel it all starting to catch up with me. Marco looks good in his new ISOLATION ROOM huge room with one room to change into all the gowns you have to wear then you can go into his room. All for quarantine and everyone's precaution. Today, I say him feel better that he was out of ICU and into a reg room his face lit up. It makes a huge difference. Tomorrow we will be talking to the doctor again and see were he stands and what all his labs say. As for now he is glad to be out of ICU on our way out and hoping to have him home soon to finish his recovery.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Transfusion

Marco still had fever over night and still this morning but is a stable high I guess. His blood results are as follow his salt is almost normal so he is enjoying every drop of DASANI water he says it's the best ever. But I put a limit to his intake to make sure he doesn't over due it and have his salt go down.
His potassium looks good but his red blood cell were low so he is getting a blood transfusion this morning it will run a good portion of this afternoon. Over all he is doing well as he can. The medication makes him very tired and gives him hallucinations.

He is trying to keep at least one eye on the TV to watch NASCAR but the medication making his eyes heavy. I have to call out his name and yell focus he doesn't want to miss the race.
Will be staying another day in ICU this time around is turning out to be expensive with the hotel,they need to be sending people home who are feeling better so that I can stay with Marco in a normal room.

Thank you to Moshura's sister, Leezy120, for helping with the hotel stay and everything else to my Momma and Momma M we really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Wanted to thank everyone as well for all the well wishes and thoughts and positive vibes.

Will keep you posted on what is going on later.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I told Marco that we were going for a walk....I went outside the room to let the nurse know that I was going to take him on a walk as she was hanging up the phone and she said he can't leave his room and she followed me to the door and said we had to take extra precaution because she just got off the phone with the doctor who told her the test were back and he had a severe intestinal infection and he couldn't go walk ....he was going to be quarantined.....WHAT THE F ! is all I could thing off.

Your F'n kidding me. So, I told Marco and he took the news with stride. So here comes the PCA with a bag full of yellow gowns that I and the nurses had to wear. With a warning to wear at all times in the room and drop in a certain container. Holy Shit just like in ET or some kind of weird movie like that. So no one is allowed in.

So the whole day while we waited for the test to come back I had Marco do his exercises that they gave him to do. He has been doing his breathing and fighting the chills and fever all at the same time. The medications he is on are strong to help with the pain but it also has his mind going 100 miles an hours but one or the other and the medication is for all the good reasons.

Just seeing him like this and all he has gone through since Monday breaks my heart but it seems like they have a handle on it now. This is just part of a reality we are faced with everyday that at any given time anything could be triggered and we just have to deal with it as it comes as scary as it may be ....we face it and move on.

I told Momma M today we have been dealing with so much this week that I had forgotten to stop and be joyful that Marco is now cancer free, in remission. There is absolutely no cancer in his body as of Monday and we haven't had a chance to breath, sigh, cry, hug, enjoy yet. The emotions of this week has overpowered that moment for us but we will be happy with just having the chills and fever go away and that is enough for now we can hug and everything else later.

I think I am noticing life now like Forrest Gump ...."Life is like a box of never know what you are going to get." and its so try it's like you bite into one chocolate and it's all good and all then maybe the one you bit into a couple of days later you bite into it and you spit it out and say what the hell were they thinking making that shit and you put it back in the box ...why we do that I don't know maybe for someone else to experience that nasty ass chocolate or just to see their reaction maybe but it's always something new everyday good or bad.

With that said Marco's chocolate is a nasty ass one, so we are just waiting for him to try the good one and get him home.

Meanwhile quarantined!! Don't know till when will update later.........

Hell of a Night

Marco had a hell of night last night. With no sleep from yesterday night and having a very busy day yesterday with no rest time in between he is exhausted. Looks like he may have cellulitis (not the same as cellulite) on the lower left side under the surgery area. Possible gut infection as well . They have not been able to bring down his temp from the last 5 days.

He will be needing a blood transfusion this morning his red blood count is low. His salt has been low but they have stopped giving him sodium which just makes his taste bud react horribly. Hasn't been able to eat because it all tastes like over powered salt.
His white cells have been coming down drastically which is good. So now they have given him 3 other antibiotics.

Today we will see what the test results are for the test that where done yesterday.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chills and Fever

It's been very busy since this morning one thing after another. The culture tests were taken since Tuesday. These test are blood taken to lab and they have cultures grown to determine what type of infection it could be running in the blood. These test came back today all clear of any blood infection. The chills are very aggressive followed by high fevers which has Doctors puzzled because the test have come back negative for any blood infections.

The Infection Experts have been called to take a look at his case and pin point where the infection could be coming from.

Marco has had no sleep since last night all night up with fever and chills. Physical Therapy took him for his walk and then arm movements. The took chest tube line out and checked to see if there was any infection at the site but all was clear. He was taken off oxygen to have him feel more comfortable and not so agitated. They are doing a ultrasound of his legs to see if there is a blood clot just as a precaution. Just try to find what is going on.

So just taken it day to day to see what happens hoping the chills and fever will subside and give him much needed rest he needs.

It's not easy seeing Marco go through all this....usually we have answers right away and this time the doctors seem almost APENDJADOS to what is going on. Tomorrow is another day....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wake Up Call

It was about 1130 last night when Marco called, his fever had gone back up and he was starting to panic. He didn't know whether he was dreaming or not. DLP and myself got up and rushed back to City of Hope as fast as we could. When we arrived Marco was sweating like crazy, the nurse kept giving him ice baths to try to control his fever. Once we arrived Marco began to calm down although he continued to go from sweating, to his whole body shivering of how cold he was. Good thing that Marco was the nurses only patient, he needed all the attention he could get. The nurse said that the constant back a forth reactions to the fever were most likely due to a type of infection in his body; the results of the test would confirm what it is. About 3 am Marco had been doing better, so DLP and I returned to the hotel to get some rest.
This morning when we returned Marco was doing better, his x-rays came back clear and his fever has stabilized. Test results should be coming in today, will keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It was a long day at City of Hope today. As we arrived to the hospital this morning I thought I'd call Marco to see if he wanted us to pick up some breakfast and to let him know we were at COH already. His voice seemed weird , out of breath and unable to talk with out trying to catch his breath. I said the hell with breakfast , relax I am going up to the room now is what I said. As we got to the room he was breathing uneasy and the nurses were all around him, the fever had spiked up all night and his breathing was getting worse. The changed his pain medications and gave him a different anitbiotics. By mid morning he was feeling better but still struggling to breath correctly.

They determined that he may have a slight pneumonia accumilating in his left lung. They had to give him a sodium IV because his salt level had drop below the normal which was weird . He started to sweat and them had major chills and was feeling very cold. Later on in the day, Marco was up talking a walk in the ICU floor. He was very tired after the walk but was doing well. He had his bath and was doing well. He is doing all that he is asked to do to avoid any other problem to come up.

Other that all that he is amazingly doing well. I would like to thank everyone for all their thought and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Today was also the day that Moshura's left back to DC ....we are going to miss her. But we loved having her here with us the time that she could ....we love you.

Way to go Marco, keep up the fight honey we all love you! You can do it!

Full of Surprises!

Yesterday was full of surprises, with smiles on my face hell I won't need botox anytime soon. The smiles stretched my face from ear to ear. As we arrived in the morning we had to wait for the nurses to finish up their reports after Marco told us he had had a fever all night and had not slept to much not to mention the 4.4 earthquake that rocked us all out of bed. Under all the Morphine that is being given and being tired we let Marco rest ,when we were able to go into ICU Marco was sitting up and eating a cheese toast and smiling for a picture. INCREDIBLE what my man does, SUPERMAN has nothing on him. I was so happy to see him off the bed and on a chair looking very good. Drugged but looking good.

The were checking him constantly till his fever went down and by the end of the day it was down to normal. Most of the day we let Marco rest, which was great to see him somewhat focused to talk to us. The chest tube is located on his side and this is time this was great because he doesn't have the breathing problems like his last surgery. He is more comfortable after surgery, this time around.

Dr. Grannis (the surgeon) came in and was so excited to see Marco sitting up. He looked very surprise to see him there. He said "How do you feel" and all together now what did Marco say "I am feeling good", he smiled and said I am very surprised you are sitting in that chair a day after surgery and that you look so good because it was a very big surgery. So he said all looked good they would just keep an eye on the fevers.

The whole family got another surprise, we all got to meet Rocio (RO) she has been such an inspiration to myself, Marco and the kids since the first e-mail that we received from her. Telling us her personal story of survival gave us hope and in that we found a new friendship. We finally got to meet her it was exciting to finally put a face on a friend. We all filled her in on Marco's progress and Matthew filled her up with cheezy jokes which were funny. It was as if we knew her a long time and we were just catching up. Thank you very much for talking with Marco he was very glad that you stopped by and visited. Hope to see more of you Ro.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 Hours Later

After the nurse called Marco in she then explains that I would need to wait in the lobby till I was called in .......when Marco was prep'd for surgery as in other times before. Marco had already said "see you later" to everyone except for me....

As we waited in the lobby after a while they called me in to see Marco before he going in to surgery. As we reached the end of the hall the nurse tells me that MENDEZ is in ROOM 5.
Eager to see Marco and feeling anxiety to a high level , I started to look up at the room numbers and got to 5, when I looked there was no one there. I thought ok the dumbass gave me the wrong number so I asked on of the nurses at the nurses station where Marco was she looked at me and said he is in 5 , I told her he was not in 5 she looked at me and said hey I remember you , you are his wife right as I said yes her face changed to horror. She looked in room 5 and saw that he wasn't there. She took off like a bat out of hell and said they must of just took him in let me see if you can see him. My heart was going at 5000 miles per hour, all I could think of was OH SHIT! They just took him and I didn't have a chance to say anything to him. This was the most devastating thing ever. The nurse rushed out of the double doors and looked and just noded no, he is already in the surgery room. All I could do was cry, and I mean with all the sentimental feelings I had. DLP had to go chance my ass out of the bathroom. This was just awful not to be able to see your loved one before a major surgery. The next six hours seemed to be linger and the emotional stress I was in was just unbearable but somehow we got through it.

Just about 1pm they called us that Marco was out of surgery and that it was a sucessful. They had to remove 3 ribs (small size) and a piece of lung along with a piece of diaphagm. The doctor said he tollerated it very well. Three hours later they called us to ICU that Marco was now in his room. I was so excited to see him and to see how good he looked. His skin was pink, he had the biggest smile ever. I was over the horrendous morning I had with just seeing him looking so good.

Just two hours after leaving the surgery room they stood him up and sit himself up and he did great. You are awesome Marco. Your are just like that clown that stand on a sand bottom and the more you punch it the harder you come right back up. Cancer has nothing on you! You did some good cancer ass kicking and we are all so greatful that you are doing well. I and all of the family loves you very much!