Monday, October 18, 2010

Chemo Combo#3

Marco had been doing good. He was feeling so good that he even made it 4 days out in Fontana at the Auto Club Speedway for NASCAR PEPSI MAX 400. Was extremely tired at the end of everyday but he said it was well worth it.
He got a chance to get autographs from some of the drivers and even got to see Danica Patrick in the garage as well.

This last week he has been very tired. With some pain and even some pain in a different area than before. We will be seeing Dr. Chow this morning and he will then be headed to get his 3rd chemo combo.
Marco is not looking forward to it, he says if the tiredness was bad he would hate to see what is coming with this other two chemo's.

All in all, he is doing good.

I would like to take sometime to thank everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. We appreciate you all.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Treatment Update on Soft Tissue Sarcoma

CancerCare has great presentations you can listen to and share with friends and family. You can listen to one of their recently recorded presentations here:
Treatment Update on Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Topics covered:
• Overview of soft tissue sarcoma
• Current standard of care
• New treatment approaches
• How clinical trials contribute to treatment options
• Pain and symptom management
• Communicating with your health care team
• Quality-of-life concerns
• Questions for our panel of experts