Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks in our family has always been a daily thing to do. It has become intensely more so in these last couple of years. Our life as we knew it 3 years ago is a very distant memory....we were able to do more physically as well as financially . We didn't even think about our health for that mater. As you go through life as young adults, you automatically think that as you get older things will start to creep on you because of "age". Well that was not the case.

We are thankful everyday that we have family and friends. Who lend us a hand and help us get through our day at COH when we are there all day or not. Thankful that we have your full support during Marco's toughest fights. We are so very thankful to have you all in our lives.

Without all of your help we wouldn't be able to drop off the kids at school on days we would need to be at COH for early appointment. We wouldn't be able to watch the kids when Marco was called in to see the doctor. We wouldn't be able to pick up the kids from school if we were running late in a appointment. We are thankful that some where there to get us out of a rut when we needed it.

We have gone through tough times but it just seems that they just get tougher as we go along in life. We will be letting go of our home that we have lived in for the last 13 years in a couple of weeks. My parents have offered to open their doors to us. If they know what they got themselves into ....I don't know... but we are very thankful from the bottom of all our hearts.

Thank you to all of you have tried endlessly to help us keep this house. We are just glad that we have family who is willing to take us all in. Keeping our heads up out the water has been extremely tough, trying to see the light in all of this is even tougher to do.

We also are thankful for the times you go out of your way to get us out of daily stress and enjoy family time in different ways. Weather it be kid'nap'n to a casino to just inviting to have dinner.... to a Great NASCAR race.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hasn't Shrunk and Hasn't Grown

Long Day at COH yesterday. First appointment was the CT Scan at 7am followed by labs at 9am. After a long chat with the financial lady and a couple of thousands on a credit card we didn't want to use, later. Marco was able to continue with his appointments.

Dr. Chow came into the room and let us know that the tumor hadn't grown but hadn't shrunk either. Looks like the tumor is starting to take liquid form instead of it being solid as it was meaning it is dying from the inside at a slower pace. Well this wasn't good or bad news we are stuck in a middle. Dr. Chow wanted Marco to see Dr. Grannis and see if surgery is still an option and if so Dr. Trisal will be assisting him in the surgery.

After our consultation was over Dr. Chow didn't want Marco to stop the chemo so he told Marco to continue with Cycle 5 while all the appointments were made and a decision was made in regards to the surgery date. So after 90 min. of Gemzar chemo, we were finally going to go get something to eat and go home or so we thought. As we arrived at our lunch destination Medicated Man noticed that one of our tires was flat, so we had to drive to La Puente to a Sears Auto Center to get it all taken care of. An hour and a half later the car was done. We finally got home , Marco was doing well even after a long day.
Will keep everyone posted on what will happen on the next appointment.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Day Today

Marco started to look and feel a little bit better since yesterday. He is not as tired and as nauseated as he has been. Witch is a good thing, he is still trying to take it easy. He will have at least 3 full days to recover from all the chemo side affects.

The stress has been easily starting to creep up....Marco will be getting his CT Scan on Monday which will determine a lot of things. We will find out if the tumor has shrunk to Dr. Chow's expectations and if so, he may continue to have his chemo later on that same morning with one more cycle to follow to complete 6 cycles of chemo.

If tumor hasn't shrunk significantly, but hasn't grown, then Marco will have an appointment set up to see Dr. Trisal and or Dr. Grannis in which time they will determine what will be the next step to do the surgery or not. Last, if chemo is not working and it is still growing hopefully Dr. Chow has a plan B. In which way, it is stressful to think that one scan can determine a number of outcomes.

On a different note, after school today the kids will be on vacation for a week! Yipee! turkey day is just around the corner......Marco is going to BBQ the turkey ......Um can't wait.
Pictures will follow .....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Star Student of the Week -Family Letter

As most of you know Matthew was chosen Star Student of the Week. During the week they are to share favorite and interesting things about themselves. Today , we had to make a Family Letter to the class and share some interesting things about our child. So I wanted to share the letter I wrote to the class.

Dear Mrs. Mathews’ 2nd Grade Class

I wanted to share some interesting facts about my son Matthew. Matthew is a great, awesome kid. He has one sister, Gianina who he loves very much. They love to have movie night with popcorn and candy. Matthew enjoys going on surprise road trips, especially if he doesn’t know where he is going. He loves Miyako Sushi. Family time is very important in our family and we do a lot of things together.

Matthew tells the funniest knock, knock jokes like …..

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Yodelay-hee who?

I didn’t know you could yodel.

He also loves practical jokes and pranks too. For Matthew’s birthday his aunt gave him a practical joke box filled with funny pranks. It had some funny eye glasses that he brought to show you.

The first time he opened the box he reached in and grabbed an envelope with a rubber band wrapped around a piece of medal. It said to twist the rubber band slowly around the medal and close the envelope slowly.

Well his grandpa came over and Matthew gave him the envelope to open. So grandpa opened the envelope and he jumped so high when the rubber band came loose in the envelope. It was funny, grandpa got scared. We all started to laugh.

Drawing, painting and craft projects are some of his favorite things to do. We just made the remote control car from Toy Story. He has such great ideas that we use in our crafts for different holidays too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading some interesting facts about my son Matthew. Till next time.

Matthew’s Mom

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Academic Achievement!

Even with all the worries we have in our lives. Seeing Marco sick and tired all the time. Dealing with life changes that we have all had to do in such a short time.

The kids have done a great job keeping all their grades up in school.

In the beginning of this school year DLP was having a hard time with all her AP classes and she was even having a melt down at one point. Her grades where going down not because she wasn't doing her work but because these college class were kicking her butt.

After going to the meet the teachers night , the teachers mentioned that parents should expect to see the grades drop from students who were getting A's and B's to them getting D's and F's.

She asked for help to get these grades up. She finally got the hang of it. We are proud to say that she has done an amazing job and getting her grades up from D's and F's to B's and C's. We are so happy for you DLP! We are so proud of you G, we know you have worked hard to get these grades up and we appreciate all the time you spend after school to work to get these grades up.... determination and willingness great job!

Machini has had his share of fall outs in the last couple weeks but has also done a great job in his behavior and class work. He was named Star Student of the Week in school and has gotten 100% on all his spelling test. He even got the Top Banana for reading and doing his AR test with also 100%. Great job Machini!

As a parent you hope your kids do well in school, but when you have your life flip upside down from one day to another. You cross your fingers that your kids can coupe with everything around them and they have the strength and ability to move forward and maintain a "normal" routine in school and in daily life.

They prove it with the good grades and academic achievements in school.

Monday, November 15, 2010

18 Years and Counting

Yesterday, we celebrated our 18th Anniversary.

Most of you know our story. We've known each other since we were 9 or 10. Grew up in the same neighborhood and we were high school sweet hearts you could say.
I proposed to Marco in June 92' and we were married that same year in November.

Had our beautiful daughter and then later we had or handsome little man.

Seems like just yesterday we were planning on getting married and planning our lives together. Our little family is our greatest accomplishments in life. We are lucky to have such great kids.

18 years looks like a long time on paper but it sure seems like just yesterday when you enjoy everyday with the one you love.

Happy Anniversary again Honey! I LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chemo Cycle and Combo #4

Monday, November 8th

Marco had combo #4 and it hasn't gone without body pain and some fever. Day 8 of the combo is something we do not look forward too. I see Marco in a lot of pain and not being able to take that away is heartbreaking. The pain comes from the immune system injection that he get on the 9th day after his combo chemo. This medication helps the body to produce more bone marrow and fight of the poison that has gone in his body. There is basically a war in his body and that is were his pain comes from.

His appetite has been good. Just has to eat real slow and with some difficulty to try to keep it in. But for the most part it stays in.

Monday , November 22 he has an appointment for a CT Scan and to see Dr. Chow. Will then find out if the chemotherapy has been working in shrinking the tumor or if there hasn't been any change or worse case scenario the tumor has continued to grow. Either way a plan should be put into play 1. continue with the chemo if tumor is shrinking to Dr. Chow's expectations 2. Hasn't shrunk but hasn't grown..poss. surgery or 3. The chemo hasn't done anything and it is still growing....?

We have to look at all the possibilities to be prepared.

We will keep you posted on what is going on as it comes. For now, Marco has another couple of bad days before he starts to feel better.

Catching the "BIG ONE" on the Man-cation

Catching the "BIG ONE" off of Catalina

Marco was feeling good a couple of days before starting his 4th cycle of chemo....he decided he was going on a man-cation. The week before we decided not to let the kids go to school to enjoy a day at sea with us. I think its ok ...especially if Marco is feeling good. Hey we have to take advantage that he wants to take us too.

Marco called my dad and NoNo to go and they didn't hesitate to go on the man-cation with Marco.

After about 10min. Marco was able to pull this monster out of the water. A 21 lb. yellow tail was at the end of the line. He said it put up a fight and it had going all around the boat. I told him if he would of taken us, we would have video the whole thing. Marco said he was exhausted after bring the fish to the boat but it was worth it. I told him he should of asked for help to reel it in. His response was have to bring it in yourself. He had to catch his breath afterwards and even the deck hand asked if he was ok. He said it was all worth it! They had a great time!

Let me tell you that this Big'O thing didn't last too long. Marco had it all filleted and the next day we made it on the grill. Marco did a Korean BBQ and Salt and Pepper on the other. Let me tell you they were delicious. We still had enough to make a shrimp soup with the rest of the BIG ONE. Thank you honey .....GOOD EATS!!!!

Matthew's First Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Marco was feeling good after having a hell of a week dealing with the side effects of the 3rd chemo. He decided the night before to go fishing. We know he was feeling better, when he says he wants to go fishing. So he invited Matthew this time, Matthew was so excited! He usually says no thanks I don't want to go........ when we invite him this time he said yes.

Marco told Matthew to bite the squid...yeah that was nasty and to close to his mouth. We all laughed and told him not to bite it.

It was a great day...the weather was perfect...the water was calm and we were catching fish. What more could you ask for. And not to mention that Marco was feeling good. We all had a great time together doing what we all love FISHING! Now Matthew says he is not staying home no more he will be going fishing from now on.

I had to help Matthew bring in his "BIG "catch of the day. He love fishing more than we thought.

Matthew looked like true fisherman.

Matthew showing off my fish.....