Monday, December 19, 2011

I say...Burst of Energy ....Marco says....Feeling 6% Better....

Marco has been doing a little better, especially if he takes it easy and doesn't over due himself. He still has trouble breathing and depending on what he does it can tire him out. Its been crazy these last couple of weeks. Marco really thought that he was going to kick the bucket when the pain was so severe he couldn't breath or move for that matter on that Monday 11/28.

Its been a week that his fevers have been gone and just over four days that the sweating episodes have gone as well. It just so worrisome, to see what is going on but I can't do a damn thing about it ,but tried to bring the fevers down and tried to keep him warm while he was cold yet sweating.

I am glad that "for now " he is doing okay. So far the morphine that they have him on is doing a great job maintaining that horrible pain he had 4 weeks ago.
But we know that there is still something going on and its a matter of time before something trigger it because the morphine won't be enough to cover it anymore, but I am very vigilant and checking him every couple of hours throughout the night. Just glad he is not in any pain, which is our main concern.

On Saturday, We all wanted to go to my grama's house for the posada so,I told Marco if we really wanted to go surprise the cousin that he had to rest and take it easy in order for him to be ok for a little bit. We were all so excited to see him wanting to go. I could just imagine how they all felt see him too.

Our family is so so many ways. You all have gone far and beyond and we appreciate it very much.

We have come so far and have gone through so much and there you are. You are all amazing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take My Breath Away.....

Fevers since last Monday 11/28/2011 seem to last, less than other days. The sweating, we thought had passed but the last two nights were even worse. The blankets on top and bottom have been soaked and it just leaves a silhouette on the bed from head to toe.
Marco's right leg has been swollen for the last past 3 days with some edema, which means that if I grab anywhere on his leg I leave a deep impression of my fingers on his leg. Could be from water retention or who knows.
Marco's seemed to have some energy the last two days where he went to go get the mail and of course has shortness of breath by the time he comes back in the house, took out the trash and again losing his breath in the process. We did manage to get him out of the house the other day to take a small walk in Target. That just lead to him feeling really tired and out of breath but he would say he was fine. As he is trying to catch his breath.
Tonight he went to go take a shower and he came out just winded, you could see in his face he was having trouble trying to catch his breath. He still tries to do the most he can in the day which is good but he pays for it later, which is not good.
He says he needs to take it easy now, taking a breath is a challenge. Says the man who wanted to race me to the door, to the car, to the truck , yeah right ......
Hoping, Marco has a better night tonight, so far fever is up a bit and started to sweat early today so will see how it goes tonight.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Small Break From The Fever.....Till Now....

Its been a long scary week ....Marco's fevers are still high since a week ago today, last night and early this morning he was so cold he was woken up by sweating episode you would of thought I threw water on him. There was no pain or fever at the time which was weired. He has been having stomach spasms at night with chills and he gets so cold he has a slight shiver. Its hard to try to keep him warm without getting his temp to high that it takes longer to bring down.

After having 3 extremely sweating episodes it seemed to give him a long break from the fever, till just now. He was even up for awhile out of bed which was good. But as soon as the fever starts to creep up you can see if takes a toll on him. We all hope he has a better night to sleep and relax a little.

The morphine seems to be keeping the pain under control but the pain has to be very high that he still feels some soreness in his lungs and chest. the medication is working and at the same time you know that the stupid ass cancer is still growing inside and forming havic in his body.

His breathing is getting better without using the oxygen tank but he is taking it easy, because his breathing can change at any time without warning.

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and positive vibes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

High Fevers and Pain

Its been a couple of tough days for Marco. His fevers have gotten pretty high in the last couple of days, it got to the point yesterday that I called hospice to ask how the hell to get the fever down. Nothing was working all damn day. She said I had to place ice packs under his arm and cold towels on his forehead, and call her in an hours to see if it was going down. One hour later it went down but was still on the high side. She told me to wait and start again for another hour till it went down. His fever all day never dropped passed 100.5 highest was 102.2, so we continued with the ice till 1am and by 4 am it seemed to be going down.

This morning I was happy the fever had gone down, but once he started to move to get out of bed his pain shot up and so did the fever. I really hope he gets a break today, he is still having a hard time talking without losing his breath but at times it seems that its better. As long as the pain is okay....his breathing is alright. Hoping for a better day today.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From One Day To Another

A lot has happened since last weekend. We had a great time in Las Vegas with Marco's sisters Moshura's Sister,Leezy, Momma M , Salt N Pepper and Medicated Man. But all the fun came to a stop and we had to come come early because Marco started to have pain on his right side followed by shortness of breath. We came home and Larry the hospice nurse came soon after we arrived from Vegas. He ordered an oxygen machine to see if it would help him breathe better.

Well Thanksgiving Day Marco was feeling good and he decided to BBQ his famous turkey and roasted another while my mom made hers in the oven. They all came out perfect and delish...not to mention all the side.

Last night, Marco had a bad night with fever and severe pain it would take his breath away. He could hardly speak 2 to 3 words when he was trying to catch his breath. He started to take his medication every four hours as directed on the bottle. His fever kept spiking up but didn't seem to be going down. The pain reach 9-10 level (tear point).

Finally, this morning we called Larry and he rushed over. After talking with him he ordered a bed for Marco and changed his medication. The pain just seems to take his breath away and there is nothing I can do. This afternoon he started to take his new medication and it seemed to work a little but tonight the fevers have been spiking up again highest tonight 103.5. Had him jump into the shower to try to bring it down so will see how the night goes.

Marco says he feels something going on in his lung. We all just hope that the pain is under control and it will make everything okay.

I made a promise to Marco that if at anytime it was getting rough for him...with pain, breathing that I would let everyone know that there would be no visiting. Having to talk, when he has to catch his breath is not easy to see, so I will not be putting him through that. I am asking that all visit be postponed till further notice. I would expect everyone to understand. Thank you in advance.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebrated Our 19th Anniversary

Marco and I have known each other for 32 years and have been married for 19. Just seems like yesterday we were saying I DO! We have learned to appreciate each other and literally enjoy what we have, one day at a time. We have something special and we treasure that always.

I was an amazing weekend. We arrived at the gorgeous Beverly Hills Montage Hotel. The room was so beautiful, the bed had rose pedals sprinkled. The view was great from the room overlooking Canyon Drive. Soon after we were surprised by the strawberry arrangement above the most yummiest strawberries ever! Even Marco was tearing these things up.

Thank you Mari and Vivianna for making this a memorable 19th Anniversary, without you two this wouldn't be in our reach.

Marco was able to take some pictures of us before going out to dinner to the Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica were Vivianna works. The food there is amazing, the flavors are just so savory. We loved everything there. Everyone was just so nice.

Happy 19th Anniversary are my friend, my best life..........................
I LOVE YOU,with all my HEART!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Marco is now enrolled in hospice care as of Friday. By no means does this say that something is going on now...this just states that he is now admitted to their services and care when needed. Marco so far is going good, he still has pain in his left side due to his previous surgergies and has slight pressure in his head from his brain surgery done in Sept. All is under control so far with his regular medication. Having to leave COH is a bitter sweet feeling, it has been our home far away from home when ever Marco needed treatment. We are so thankful to everyone there that is forsure.

We had a great surprise by Leezy who drove her ass all the way up here to visit. We knew you could do it! Glad to see you this weekend, we had a nice time. Abuelita just looked like she needed a beer or two after they arrived but overall she said it was a good drive.

We would like to thank everyone for all your well wishes and for being supportive. We truly appreciate everyone of you. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cancer | Palliative Care

Cancer Palliative Care
What is palliative care?
Palliative care is designed to help a person have the best possible quality of life as his or her cancer progresses. The focus of palliative care is not on dying or trying to find a cure. Instead the focus is on living each remaining day as fully as possible.

The following are the main goals of palliative care:
To relieve pain and other symptoms
To help improve emotional, mental and spiritual well-being
To support the family members of the person who has cancer during his or her illness and after his or her death

Palliative care involves a partnership between the person who has cancer, his or her family and friends, and the members of the health care team. This team may include the services of a doctor, nurse, social worker, counselor and spiritual advisor.

Where is palliative care provided?
Palliative care can be provided at home or in a hospital or hospice facility. It may be possible to receive care at home for a while and then move into a hospital or hospice facility as the cancer progresses. If a person prefers to receive care at home, family members may want to ask the doctor for information on local support programs.

How can palliative care relieve pain and other symptoms?
As a person's cancer advances, he or she may experience a number of symptoms. These symptoms may include pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, weakness, weight loss, constipation, trouble breathing, confusion, nausea, vomiting, cough and a dry or sore throat. All of these symptoms can be managed with appropriate treatment. A person who has cancer shouldn't try to "be strong" and tolerate pain or other symptoms. This can have a negative effect on the person's physical and emotional state. A person who has cancer should tell the doctor about any symptoms he or she is having.

Pain is one of the most common symptoms experienced by people who have cancer. Even if it is severe, the pain can almost always be controlled with medicine. Each person responds to pain differently. The doctor will create a pain management plan that meets the person's needs. Pain medicines can be given by mouth (liquid or pill) or through the rectum (suppository). They can also be given through the skin (transdermal patch) or injected into the skin, a muscle or a vein. The caregiver should know that chronic (ongoing) pain needs to be treated on a regular schedule. It is important not to wait until the person feels pain before giving the next dose, even if this means waking him or her up in the middle of the night.

For some people, the doctor may prescribe an opioid medicine, such as morphine or codeine, to relieve pain. Opioid pain medicines often cause constipation (difficulty having bowel movements), so the person who has cancer may also need to take another medicine on a regular basis to prevent this common side effect.

It may take several tries for the doctor to find the most effective way to ease pain symptoms. The person in pain shouldn't feel discouraged if a particular approach doesn't work. The doctor needs to know about the person's preferences for how pain symptoms are managed. Helping to direct the course of his or her care may help the person who has cancer feel more in control of the situation.

How can a person who has cancer prepare to face the end of life?
Palliative care offers the opportunity to find peace of mind by facing feelings and beliefs about life and death. Each person must find meaning in his or her own way, at his or her own pace. Some people find comfort in talking with a close friend, family member, spiritual advisor, counselor or support group about their feelings.

How will family members react to palliative care?
As the death of a loved one grows near, each family member will react differently. It is common to experience a range of emotions, such as anger, shock, anxiety and helplessness. There is no single "right way" to deal with this situation. Family members should try to accept one another's different responses and feelings. Also, they should keep in mind that emotions don't follow a time schedule. Just because one person is ready to move on to the next stage of grieving doesn't mean everyone else is. As part of palliative care, it's important for family members to make the most of the time they have with their loved one rather than focusing on his or her death.

What else should a person do when preparing to face the end of life?
Palliative care offers an opportunity to make practical preparations for death. This can be a very difficult process. However, dealing with these matters in advance can reduce the financial, legal and emotional problems that a person's family and friends will face after his or her death. It also gives the person who has cancer some control over his or her situation. For example, preparing a will allows a person to decide how his or her possessions are divided. During this time, the person who has cancer may want to organize any records, documents and instructions that family members will need after his or her death.

A person who is facing the end of life may want to make his or her wishes regarding a funeral or memorial service known. If these preferences are discussed with family members, the funeral or memorial service can be a very personal reflection of the person's life and how he or she wants to be remembered. Careful planning can also reduce some of the stress that family members experience after their loved one's death.

Written by editorial staff
Reviewed/Updated: 09/10Created: 06/02

Monday, October 31, 2011

Not An Easy Transition

When we first found out that Marco had cancer in 2007, we didn't know what the hell to do. We first went through disbelief, and we just came out of the doctor's office with those words said to us….."YOU HAVE CANCER." We knew then that we were in for a fight and in for the long haul, no matter where the road would lead us. It has not been an easy road at all.

We have always been very open between ourselves, with our kids and with everyone.
Our world, as we knew it, came to a standstill, and we have never looked back. We
were shifted into the world of cancer and all of its realities.

We knew that Marco would be fighting for his life. We knew that this type of cancer was un-cure-able and extremely aggressive. Aware that one day it would take his life.

Each surgery was life and death, each surgery meant we had more time to take advantage of, each surgery Marco knew the risks that he was facing and with each one we were more afraid than the last one. Each chemo he tolerated and dealt with the side effects. Chemo and radiation came with its risk and he would take them, even though he didn’t want too. He has faced so much and has had to deal with a lot.

We were aware of the 2mm nodule in his right lung seen last June when Dr.Trisal and his team discovered it. It would have been in October that he would have had a scan appointment, but due to the brain tumor that was detected and removed after Labor Day weekend, all of those scans were canceled due to metastasis to the brain, and this would change everything. The chest scan taken in ETC when the brain tumor was diagnosed showed the tumor in his right lung to be approx. 8mm. That is 6 mm larger. Due to the very aggressive nature of this disease and that several recurrences and metastasis to the brain and right lung have occurred, the Sarcoma Team at City of Hope have exhausted all treatment options to prolong Marco’s life.

Since COH is a treatment facility and there are no more treatments, Marco has been referred to hospice care. He will be enrolling in hospice care in a couple of days…which means that he will now be in their care for whatever is needed. He will be observed and treated only for pain management to make him comfortable and help us all with the next transition in his life. Marco looks and feels good right now, other than for the pain for previous surgery and he continues to have his postitive motivation and attitude no matter what.

We don't ponder on what will happen. We just take it one day at a time and enjoy
what he have. We face each day with positive vibes, a kiss, a smile, a tears and a laugh as we have been all these years.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Our Pumpkins Ready

Machini hard at work getting his pumpkin carved out
The kids did such a great job with their pumpkins
Grandma wanted Curious George...I tried my
This one is Machini's who wanted something really scary
Looks scary even when the the lights on

We hope everyone has a safe and Spooktacular Halloween!

Mini Hawk

Saturday 10/22/2011

This week seemed like Marco was shedding off more hair than normal. Leaving a trail of hair everywhere on the pillow and especially on his shirts all the time. Well today he went to take a shower and as he came out and settled to go to bed he turned a certain way and all you saw was a bald spot just to the right of his left ear not to far from his incision. I leaned closer and most of the hair was gone. I reached in to feel around the area and more hair started to fall. Marco went to go tug on his hair and a chunck came out.

I told him I had to cut his hair, his response "Does that means I have to take another shower". Uh, yeah.... so I started to cut his hair and avoiding as much as I could not to get close to the stitches and staples still in his head. So now his is semi-bald till the stitches and staples come out on Friday so I can finish shaving it all.

Looks like a mini-mini hawk

Marco just seems to take everything in stride. While it just makes me angry that he has to deal with this on top of everything else.

Busy Week It Has Been.....

We had an appointment with Dr. Chow recently to confirm what we already knew that there would be no more chemo and no more surgeries. We hope that it doesn't come back, if it ain't there already. So far Marco is doing good, we continue to enjoy and take it one day at a time.

Marco will be having his stitches and staples removed from his head this Friday.. He has been waiting for awhile now and is anxious to get those things out. He started to loose some of his hair due to the radiation. I need to cut all his hair off and just sport a semi-balled look cause the radiation only affected one side, oppose to his hair falling off during his chemo which made all the hair fall off. Any which way his still look handsome to me.

Gianina is starting to feel better after they removed what they thought was a cyst turned out to be a "fatty" tumor on her upper breast area. They said not to worry about it , yeah tell that to a regular person. We worry about anything looking like a lump of any kind. So, I made sure to keep reminding them to take it to pathology to get it checked anyway. Results came back benign,negative. Stitches for her came out and she needs to wear special bandage to make sure no scar.

Abuelita (Marco's mom) gave us a fright recently. She ended up in the hospital with very low blood surgar and a stroke. Scary thought of what could of happend and just happy it turned out well.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walking for Cypress Academy Fundraiser

Marco and Machini posing before the walk at Cypress Academy 10/14/2011
Machini ran the first lap and left Marco and myself behind to fend for ourselves
Marco was able to complete a lap and said I will wait for you in the shade right
after this picture was taken. At least he did one lap.

Machini did a good job and completed about 20 laps. Great Job!
Machini was really excited that we were able to show up to his walk.

He even called from the office to make sure we didn't miss it.

Thank you to all who supported Machini in his walk, he will be having lunch

with his principal Mrs. Seegar later in the school year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Possible Phase 1 Trial

Saw Dr. Chow today, there may be a Phase 1 Trial that Marco could participate in. There is a waiting list for it though. It may take 4-6 weeks if not sooner, before we hear anything. In the mean time we wait. Marco will be getting his stitches out next week along with the staples in his head.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Message From My Sister Ericka.....

Hi Guys,

It's Ericka. I was planning a Cancer Awareness Week Proposal and was looking around for goodies to sell and started messing around with shirts. Then I got to thinking and creating and BAM! We have a shirt to show our support for Marco. We will be ordering shirts soon, so please commit and send your money to me so we can get these sweet shirts ordered. Please send message to to get address to mail in your order and payment.

I will be placing orders for TWO different color shirts. --- You can order both( that would be awesome) or just one.

Black or Grey T-Shirt come in sizes YOUTH ys - yl and ADULT S-XXXL each shirt is $20.00 -
Grey Hoodie Sweater sizes as mentioned above is $35.00
We will be donating all proceeds to City of Hope. City of Hope has truly given us hope and slowly but surely we shall give back.
Get your orders in SOON please so we can get these shirts in quick.


Thanks Bunches. - ericka

Friday, October 7, 2011

Last Radiation and Talon Screws Removed Today

Marco had his last brain radiation, all went well. Marco did mention to the tech today, that towards the end of the treatment he was seeing like a strobe light affect while in the machine. He would close his eyes and still see it even more. The tech told him it was normal for him to see that because the radiation was in his vision area. Not to worry. So, I asked today if he saw it and he said yes. But since they told us it was normal we didn't worry about it, cause it would go away shortly after he noticed it.

Marco's next appointment was to go to the ETC to have the talon screw removed. The truth I was a little worried of how they were going to remove them. I did figure a screwdriver would be involved somehow. But the great nurses in ETC sure new how to calm someones nerves. They are too funny The video says a lot of what was going on. Marco was not in any pain throughout the whole thing. He did very well and Rosalind did a great job. City of Hope has some amazing people working there.

The incisions are not that big, there are three staples closing them and they all look really good. He will be finishing up all his anti-seizure medication and then will no longer need them. We just need to watch him in case of anything but we hope nothing happens this weekend, we did see Dr. Chen after the ETC appointment and he told Marco that everything went well as far as the 3 radiation treatments and if he feels anything out of the ordinary he needs to call them quick but he didn't see he would have any problems. Let's hope so. We are so glad that those talon screws are out...maybe he can get some sleep now without really worrying if he would lean his head the wrong way and land on them.

The stitches will be taken out in 2 weeks which by then the staples will be removed as well. The only thing bugging Marco right now is the lifting limit...nothing over that mean he has to wait yet another 2 weeks before he can even think about......yes I am going to say it .....GO FISHING!!!!!!! He has been wanting to go since before his surgery to catch the big one that got away on his last trip.

But he has patience, he knows he can't go till he is good to go. Tonight all is well, Marco asked for some extra medication cause he is starting to feel some pain ,I guess the anesthesia has worn off and after tolerating it he need to have his medication. But all in all he is doing good, just looks and feels tired.

Thank you again to everyone for all your positive thought and well wishes we do appreciate them all.

NEXT APPOINTMENT: With Dr. Chow for follow up on Monday 10-10-2011 will let you know how that goes.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Appointments Cancelled

MRI and CT Scan were cancelled today, after an exchange of emails with Dr. Trisal this weekend. We let him know that he is doing radiation and he had the talon screws in. He recommended that we wait till the radiation is complete so we could reschedule the appointment.

All in all he is doing good, he hasn't had any side effects to the radiation. We hope it stays that way even after his last treatment on Friday, October 6th, they will be removing his talon screws at the end of the day too. He will be having his second radiation treatment tomorrow.

Marco has left the walker behind and is now using a cane. He has been trying to get rid of it too but, it may take a little more time to leave that one behind.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brain Radiation Started Today

This morning I woke up nervous, nervous that Marco would start radiation to the brain. You would think this is something serious but once we got to COH the nervousness went away because I knew he was in good hands. I walked to the back with Marco as the Radiation Tech explained to Marco what was going to happen once he was in the room. I was able to take some pictures of the machine that Marco would be using for his 3 treatments.

This is the Tomo Therapy Machine that Marco will be placed in while getting his treatments. They had to place him on the table and they aliened him with the beam of lights.
Marco was waiting for the tech to come in and screw him on to the table to keep him from moving and to pin point were the radiation would be given. These machines are amazing.
Marco will lay on this table for approximately 1hr 30min but from the tech said only 16min would be actual radiation therapy. There are specialist who come in and out while the procedure is being performed to make sure everything is accurate and all is going well.
The tech had placed and aliened the screws on his head to the table and tightened them and made sure everything was good to go.
This is a picture of Marco in his position were he would stay without moving till radiation therapy would be completed.
Its hard to see Marco having to deal with these talon screws in his head. Tonight, Marco said he was very tired and has a headache 3 out of 10, I gave him some medication and it seemed to work for him, so that is good he may be able to sleep tonight. Next radiation will be on Tue. but Monday he has a busy day with lab work, MRI and CT Scan for Dr. Trisal and Dr. Chow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Radiation Set Up

Today was a long day at City of Hope. Marco's day started with an MRI of the brain. Followed by an out-patient mini surgery that lasted all of 45 sec. the 1hr and 30min was for prepping time. Dr Jandial said that he was going to place some tiny screws on his head for radiation treatment that will be starting this week. I was under the impression that the screws were small. I was shock to say the least, they are bigger than I imagined but ok. They gave him a little bit of sedative for the surgery, so he looked good when we went in after they were finished. The nurse said she didn't need to give him medication because he didn't have pain.

Later in the afternoon we met up with Fernando the Radiation Oncology Tech who took Marco to the back and thoroughly explained what the procedure would in tail. He's a funny guy, he did a great job in distracting Marco and myself from all the screwing he was doing on his head. It all looked like it hurt Marco's head but he said he was alright.

Looking at all the pictures just makes me think of all the shit Marco has been dealing with. Not to mention that his right leg has been bothering him since Sunday morning. I can't help but stress when ever Marco is in any kind of pain. He has an appointment next week for his MRI of his right leg, Marco wanted to wait till then to have it checked, hoping it does fall off by then.

The pain just doesn't seem to let him have a break. The pictures in the video say it all is what it is so we deal with what come our way.

Marco will be starting his first radiation this week and will have 3 radiation treatments to the brain that will last 1hr and 30min each time. Once radiation is over they will remove the screws. He will continue to take his anti-seizure medication and now has to take some antibotics. Will keep you posted as updates come up.
We would like to Thank you again for all the well wishes and all the positive vibes from each and everyone of you. We love and appreciate you all. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marco's Brain Surgery Experience

It's hard to put all of the emotions and feelings we were going through during this time. We have decided to share a short slide show and video of our experience. It's hard to believe it was one week ago today that Marco went in to have a brain tumor removed at City of Hope. We are happy to have him home and are preparing for the next steps, one day at a time...

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Message From Marco

He wants to thank you for your well wishes and positive vibes. Wanted me to express that you all mean a great deal to him and how special everyone is.
Marco said "They all mean more to me than they all think. Their is no time to quit, only to move forward, I just didn't make it through, I am making it through, a little at a time.
Their is still a long road ahead but there is no slowing me down. So far everything went well and the fight continues with one more battle scar to show for it".
"Stupid Cancer it still hurts!" he says

Day 3

Marco has been doing an amazing job. All his blood work and MRI look great. Doctor Jandial was so proud of his work. He was amazed at what Marco was doing, sitting up,walking and started to eat right away.

Doctor says everything on paper looks good and if it continue like this he could home tomorrow. Wish all goes well tonight so we can go home and rest.

Would like to thank everyone for everything. All your well wish and messages have been great and we appreciate it all. We love all you guys! Will post if Marco gets out tomorow

Day 2 After Brain Surgery

Marco was transferred to a regular room at the end of the day. He was transferred to the old hospital. PT (physical therapy) came and started to do excerise with him to start moving.

He has been doing really well thus far and is improving every minute so it seems. The doctor came in and moved his bandage up far from his face. His face was swollen a little but in total his is doing good.

PT had him walking around. Great job so far!

Day 1 After Brain Surgery

Marco has been leaving the doctor astonished of his amazing strength to get well. Less than 24 hrs after surgery Marco was out of bed and was sitting up. They stood him up and had start walking and Marco did what he knows best and that was to do what he has to do in order to get things done.

Marco's pain was starting to get under control but he was doing good. They had a compression bandage around his head to keep the pressure stable in his head. He said he felt like a huge truck hit him really hard in the back of his head. Marco was seeing blurry for a while but said it seemed to be getting better as the time went by.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marco's Brain Surgery Update

The doctor notified us around 3:10 pm today that the surgery went as planned with no complications. He received a large incision to his head where they removed the tumor. The surgeon explained that the surgery went without a hitch but a crucial part of the process has yet to occur: we have to be sure there are no clots, no pooling of blood and other critical post-op monitoring has to take place in ICU. We will wait for Marco to awaken, which may be for a few more hours and will update the blog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

City of Hope called today,surgery will be at 11:30am. Do to the nature of the surgery and that Marco will be in ICU the majority of the time. No visitors will be allowed. As hard as this is for everyone in the family I am glad they all understand. Marco's recovery comes first. Gianina and I will be keeping everyone updated here on the blog and on facebook.
I will be giving all messages and well wishes to Marco if you would like to leave one. We appreciate it all the positive vibes.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brain Tumor?

Marco's tumor is located in the left occipital lobe
It's been very hard to come in here and try to write. I know many of you have a lot of question one being....What happened?
Labor Day weekend was coming up and the plans were to buy Matthew a boogie board and go back to the beach. Matthew had, had such a great time with his cousins for Oceans of Hope we thought it was a grand idea. Momma M and Lisa had a surprise party for Machini waiting for him.
We packed our things and left to HP to spend the weekend on Friday 9/2. As we were driving down the hill, Marco looked over and just said he had a headache. "But, I don't know if its your country music your playing or the Phantom of the Opera the kids have playing in the back seat." But neither of them were loud, I found it weird because Marco has never complained about a headache before.
By the time we got to Mommas M, house in HP, Marco had a full blown major headache. As soon as the hello's were said he sat down on the sofa and was squinting his eyes of how bad the headache was. He thought his next dosage of medicine would take care of it.
We left to Leezy's house where were staying for the weekend. Saturday morning Marco woke up fine, no headache, nothing. We all left to the beach, but couldn't get in to use the boogie board because it was hazardous conditions. We still enjoyed the beach and watched the surfers riding the waves. We left after a couple of hours back to Leezy's house.
Sunday morning, again Marco woke up fine and we were commenting on how weird that headache showed up and was gone. He continued to be fine all day till, 3am on Monday morning.
Marco was tossing and turning, so I asked what was going on and he said, "the headache was back, but with a vengance." I asked what his pain level was? "5," that is a 5 out of 10 pain level. As I am looking at him in massive pain, I know it is more like a 8-9. Marco was rubbing his forehead, he got up out of the bed to go to the bathroom and he starts knocking into the bed and then the wall. "Are you ok?!" I asked him and he replied, "the walls are moving in here."
After taking a shower, Marco starts to yell my name so I rush over there and he tells me he lost his peripheral vision in his right eye. I thought he was kidding, but when I looked at his face he looked concerned. We went to Mommas for breakfast and to spend the day. By the time we got to her house Marco was in so much pain. I had mentioned to him that I was going to call Dr. Trisal, or make an appointment with the eye doctor to have his eyes checked, but because it was Labor Day weekend they were all be closed. I decided to write Dr. Trisal an e-mail, I explaining all of Marco's symptoms and if COH could do something or wait till the next day to make an appointment with his eye doctor. Dr. Trisal replied right a way and said Marco needed an MRI of the brain and to take him in the next day. If his symptoms got any worse to take him into the ETC. WHAT?!
Why would he want an MRI of the brain, I just thought it was weird at first, but then I got scared and my heart started to race. I was hoping that Dr. Trisal didn't think there was something and I was hoping he was doing it out of precaution. We left after breakfast that Monday morning because Marco was not looking good. By the time we got home, the headache was full blown, he was rubbing his head and trying to find a way to alleviate the pain. He was rubbing so hard he left red marks on his forehead. There was nothing I could do....the medication wasn't working and Marco wanted to wait till the next day to go in.
After a bad night, morning finally came and so I was getting ready, Gianina said she was going with us. I went to drop off Matthew at school, when I got back, I noticed Marco was on the phone and just said yes and he hung up. So he turns to me and says it was Dr. Trisals nurse, "I told her I had a severe headache," so I asked if he mentioned all the other symptoms and he said "I told her I have a severe headache," he paused, looked at me and said, "that is all I can remember." "What do you mean that is all you can remember,you just hung up with her," I told him. "Call her back," he says "I can't remember what we talked about." I thought that was weird, so I called her back and left a message to get in contact with me as soon as possible because his symptoms were getting worse now he couldn't remember what just happened.
So I told Marco lets go maybe they can see you sooner by the time we get down there and I can talk to the nurse on the way down the hill. As he was getting up from the bed he started to throw up. Panic wanted to kick in, but I kicked it to the side and said let go. Got everyone in the car and left. Half way to the freeway Marco said he felt like he was on a boat for DAYS and throws up again. He blamed it on my driving, but I thought it something else. Carrie, Dr. Trisal's nurse, called me just before we were getting on the freeway and said she wanted Marco to go to the lab, go to get his MRI and then instructed me to take him to ETC for observation. Okkaaaayyyy....labs done, they call him in for MRI and the nurse allowed me to go in with him, I stood right behind the wheel chair where he was sitting. (Yes, we had to take Marco into COH on a wheel chair, you know how much pain he was in if agreed to sit in a wheel chair) The nurse starts to ask Marco yes or no questions, but when it came to answer "have you had surgery and how many?" All Marco did was rub under his surgery area and say "left...left," I jumped in and said yes and mentioned all the surgeries and were it was located. Then Marco says oh yeah. That left me worried and hoping even by this time that it wasn't what we both thought it could be. Finally the MRI was done. I wheeled him into the ETC where they were waiting for him. The nurse told us Dr. Chow would be seeing Marco, I was surprised. She said Dr. Chow would be filling in for Dr. Trisal who was in surgery. After a little wait, I could hear Dr.Chow down the hall way and I whispered to Marco that he was coming. Marco says, "Dr. Chow how are you?" "Good Mr. Mendez," when he turns to acknowledge me I knew, I could see it in his face. My heart fell....he came in and asked How his fishing was going and then the conversation was about their fishing stories and Dr. Chow takes his phone out and shows Marco the fish he caught, I began to relax and thought it was just me and the look he had was nothing.
Then he says, "okay, now I am coming in for Dr. Trisal and I have to read the results of the MRI to you." WHAT! I knew it....Dr. Chow is the barer of bad news. (I like to say I have a LOVE and HATE relationship with the man. LOVE him for all the chemo cocktail he gave Marco to shrink the previous tumors. And for standing up and fighting for Marco on the sidelines. And the HATE that I can read his face when he comes carring bad new cause I can read him like a book.)
He tells Marco that the reason he has been having severe headaches is because there is a tumor the size of a golf ball in his brain. And it needs to come out, he goes on to say we would meet Dr. Jandial to see when the surgery would take place. After a while, they ordered medication to take his pain away and gave him anti-seizure medication. By the time we left Marco had no more pain. They scheduled brain surgery, told us to take precautions in case of seizure, and gave Marco medications to bring down the swelling of the brain. There were some pre-op test done and have had to return to COH for further testings before surgery. Will post

Friday, September 9, 2011


Last night, while Marco and I are writing question that we had for the surgeon for today's appointment. Matthew walks in and lays in bed with us, looks at me with slight teary eyes and says. Can you make an appointment with Marisol please, I need to talk with her. I could see that he was upset and wanted to talk.
I asked why he needed to talk with her and he said I just want to understand what is going on with my dad and want to talk with her. So I told him he had Daisy to talk with and he says Um.....I don't know. Looked like he wanted to talk with Marisol, who had showed him what was going on with Marco's cancer by hands on teaching and he liked that. I told him Daisy was there to listen to anything that bothers him if he felt he couldn't talk with us. He says I can talk with you guys but I need to understand.

So I tell him Daisy would probably start by asking you How are you Machini? As I ask in a Daisy tone......Machini says "okay". So Machini, give me three words that would describe how you feel inside. Machini turns to me and says SAD,WORRIED, and ANXIOUS (this is a big word for him). Gianina comes in the room and jumps on to the bed and hugs Machini as she usually I continue to ask...
Why to you feel sad? Machini's reply "Because the cancer came back and he needs another surgery". What worries you? That something might go wrong, as tears start to poor down his face. You could see he was trying hard to hold the tears back. So I told him it was ok to cry and have all these feeling and that he was not alone every single one of us is feeling the same thing, especially your Daddy.
So why do you feel anxious? I don't know I just do.....tears rolling down his face. I realized something last night, Machini grew up. He was not excited about going to the Bistro to have a Club Sandwich as he rubbed his belly and licked his all the times before. At the tender age of 8 he is understanding now that the cancer coming back is not a good thing and how it is affecting us all, he is showing more feelings and interest in what is going on with Dad. He looked terrified. Gianina was hugging him. Its hard to see your kids grow up real quick in front of you. By that I mean having to deal with reality's of life that no one should be dealing with in life.

Gianina was 13 when Marco was first diagnosed and she grew up quick. I told Matthew, It's scary stuff to have to deal with when your a kid, so I told him if he ever felt like crying and he is in school not to worry about the kids and that he could count on his teacher to help out because she already knew what was going on, and he looked at me with a sigh of relieve in his face.

I called everyone's name in the family out loud and told him that each of them all felt the same way and that we were not alone and if he needed to talk to someone any of them would be more than happy to hear him out, they would let him cry on his should and give out great big hugs. Because everyone felt the same way and would understand.

I told him if he ever felt anger to let me know and I would stand there with a pillow so he could hit it till he couldn't no more and if that didn't work I would hold G in front of me and he could have a go at her. He laughed so hard.
Marco was on the bed listening to all that was being said. So I told Matthew that if he wanted to ask Marco if he was scared or any other question he could that is what your dad is there for. Ask him how he is doing? You can ask him anything and he will answer you.

Marco got up to sit at the edge of the bed so I asked Matthew to come around and give his dad a great big hug and say I am scared too. Marco told him that it was ok to feel scared, but we have to be fighters too and not give up, no matter how scary it may be.

Marco tells him the doctors at COH are smart and know what they are doing. Marco explained what happens when he is called in to the back before surgery and what happens when they start to put him to sleep (Machini looking way and covering his teary eyes) and then I wake up and its over he says but I will wake up with a big headache though. But don't worry everything will be ok.

Machini turns, looks at Marco and says I have one question thought and Marco says what is it? Machini replies can I go to sleep I am very tired......and we're back, the grown-up didn't last

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Numb

Just numb would be the word to describe how I am feeling. I haven't been able to pinpoint why I can't scream to the top of my lungs ( in a soft spoken manner, mind you) don't even see these word with exclamation marks either.

Just can't seem to let the words " the reason you have been having the severe headache and have lost most of your eye sight from your left eye is because you have a brain tumor the size of a golf ball". What do you do with that? We didn't fall apart,we didn't cry hysterically, I just reached over and hugged my handsome.
There is nothing you can do at that moment but pick up your jaw from the floor and dust it off and ask what needs to be done. Things are happening to fast, in a blink of the eye so it seems.

I guess Adrenalin just kicks in, and you can move mountains. Do what needs to be done because it has to be done and focus because you need to pay extra attention to everything that is being said cause this is not cake walk now. This is bigger and I had to put my game face on. Well someone take this game face off cause I don't want it. I am frozen, I guess you can say. I can see myself writing stupid now.

I want to tell you all that happened but I am so tired and my mind is running all over the place and just that all over the place. Can't make sense of it all. But scream I do want to scream but it comes out as if I were to be reading out and not yelling it out.

Maybe tomorrow......

Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Go Cheer and Support Ocean of Hope 2011

Ocean of Hope Campaign
The Ocean of Hope campaign is the largest fundraising event of the year for The Sarcoma Alliance. Ocean of Hope (O2H) is a paddle board race held each year in August in conjunction with the Catalina Classic in Southern California. The 32-mile course begins at Catalina Island and finishes at the Manhattan Beach shoreline.

The O2H Campaign is a special group of paddlers who have annually volunteered to dedicate their race to the benefit of the Sarcoma Alliance and thousands of sarcoma patients and their families. Every yard, every mile, and every arm stroke, will be made in the hope that their passion and grit propels people to give to the Sarcoma Alliance this year.

Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for The Sarcoma Alliance so that we can continue our work of guidance, education, and support to sarcoma patients and their caregivers.

Contact The Alliance with questions or for more information about The Ocean of Hope Campaign by sending an email to

Calling all Rally Monkey's.......Let's get together and have a lot of fun. Get you beach towel, swim suits, plus your picnic and join us to cheer for the paddle boarders coming in to Manhattan Beach. It's for a good cause and we can spend the day at the beach.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Marco has been doing good. He's got more movement in his arm and he is doing great with his physical therapy.....and practicing his casting out in the waters...yes he is in a great deal of pain on the boat as well as off the boat but he says no pain, no gain and he can deal with the pain and cramps later he says. So far he tolerates it. Your amazing......I admire all your strength!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forget About It.......but just for 3 months

We got a call from COH on 6/16/2011 they wanted to see Marco, to give him his test results.

First appointment given was for 7/7/2011 but Marco couldn't wait so I told him to call and ask for a sooner appointment so they gave it to him on 6/16/2011 at 4:30pm.

Happy to report that it was a 50/50 kind of result....first the surgery area looks great, no recurrence and nothing on his right leg either, so excited about that.

But they did find a nodule in his right lung...they are not sure what it is, they will be keeping an eye on it and will take another CT Scan and MRI in 3 months.

Dr. Trisal didn't seem to be to concerned about it right now, but he did say they will keep an eye on it. So we will have to watch Marco and if anything different starts to come up we need to call them right away.

So for now he is to enjoy and forget about the nodule for the next 3 months.

Had a couple of happy tears to hear the good news of NED (No Evidence of Disease)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One month ago....

Hard to believe that its been a month since Marco had his huge surgery. He has come a long way. He is able to do a bit more than before. This week he was told not to over due himself so they could take the last drain out on his side. Its been hard for him to find a comfortable spot to sleep, he wakes up feeling stiff from sleeping in one position all night. Some nights its just tossing and turning till there is no pain in one spot.

Once this drain is out he will be able to do more. He will be able to walk better and not concentrate on the drain hanging on the side and hope nothing or no one gets hooked on it so it doesn't get pulled out on accident. Marco still has lots of pain but its tolerable till his next medication time. He has also had some fatigue if he over dose himself. But over all he is okay.

Marco still has a couple more months before he can really start to do things in the mean while he is starting to make plans on what he wants to do, and that is a good thing. The Battle Scar that was left from this last fight is looking better. All the glue they used to close him up is almost all fallen off. Its amazing to see how this glue holds the skin closed and heals the area really good. Who ever invented it is a genius.

I wanted to take this time again to thank Dr.Chow for all the chemo cocktails that helped in the shrinkage of the tumors, Dr. Trisal for his awesome hands, and both of them for believing and fighting for Marco to be able to get this surgery done. Dr.Tan and Dr. Grannis for helping out in the surgery. All the Sarcoma Team that helped we are greatly thankful for your part in the surgery.

We like to thank all the Rally Monkey's for your blood donations. Saving a life is an awesome thing to do and we thank you for all you do. Family Support is what pulls and holds us up everyday. THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Battle Scars.....Marco vs. Sarcoma Cancer

We can never turn our backs on cancer. We always need to be vigilant of what is going on,all the time. If Marco starts to mention that something is bothering him, be it is a little pain here or there. You bet I am on ALERT. I turn into a spy, investigation and touching the area in case I can feel any bumps or lumps.

Marco had surgery in March 2010, two months later Marco was not recovering as fast as he should of been. He was still having pain and it wasn't getting any better. The bump I found on his back one day as I was massaging his back was about a dime size. I asked if it hurt he said no. I was a little worried, so we mentioned it to Dr. Grannis who then had a CT Scan done which confirmed that the cancer was back in the same area. Dr. Grannis was disappointed.

Going and coming out of surgery we know there is no guarantee that all the cancer is gone. All the X rays, CT Scans and blood work aren't able to pick up microscopic size tumors. That is what happened here. The pathology report came back negative for any cancer in the margins, but it came back with a vengeance. Dr. Chow started chemo treatment right away followed by radiation to try to shrink the tumors for surgery. The tumor that was closes to the spine and aorta had shrunk but the one under his shoulder blade started to grow bigger.

We decided to post these picture so you can see that cancer is a vicious disease and the scars it leaves behind. Most cancer patients look good on the outside as Marco does and even though they tell there story and how horrible it is no one really knows the extent of it all. Cancer is just not about chemo and radiation, it's not like a cold and its going to go away.

When someone says they are fighting cancer you bet your ass they are. They are giving it all they can to survive everyday to keep this thing away. When I say Marco is a warrior...I mean he is a WARRIOR, he as well as so many go through so much and the battle scars shows they are standing up to cancer so it doesn't show its ugly head.

The last two pictures are from his most recent surgery done on March 28, 2011.

This is the tumor that was bulging out of Marco's back. It was coming out from under his shoulder blade.

Dr. Tan measured and took a picture to have for surgical removal of tumor. He also wrote the measurements on Marco's back. The scar you see in the picture was the from surgery he had just had in March 2010.

Chest Tube was put in along with some drainage tubes on the side. Marco was really glad and able to do more after the chest tube was removed.

This is what Marco has now, the two drains on the side. A large battle scar.

Good Report

Well, Marco went to go see Dr. Thomas the pain management guy and Dr. Trisal on Thursday. So I waited to see how the medication change would go before posting.

So far so good the new med. schedule seems to be tolerable for him. He is starting to sleep a bit more than before and you can see it in his face that the pain seems to be under control. Dr. Thomas said it was to be expected to have pain it was a huge surgery and a lot was removed.

Dr. Trisal was very happy and satisfied with the pathology report. He said it was all good news there was NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE in the all that was taken out. The tumors, 4 ribs, chest wall, part of the diaphragm,half of his shoulder blade and piece of lung his margins were clear of any disease. During the surgery the incision they cut a bit more around the diseased area till there is no evidence of cancer all the way around.

Dr. Trisal was very surprised to see Marco doing so well. Though he told him to take it easy it was a huge surgery but one day at a time for recovery.

He still has two drains on his side which may be pulled out next week. Dr. Tan is also getting him a compression vest to try to squeeze more of the fluid out of the cavity where the shoulder blade was removed so will see how that goes.

Marco has gotten on the treadmill to get his walking in and is doing very well with that. He just amazes me.

Marco will be checked every three months for two years. Every 6 months after that. Crossing every part of our bodies that can be crossed, that this shit doesn't poke its ugly head again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That's my daddy!

For the last 16 years you have been inspiring me everyday. Today not only have you amazed the doctors who underestimated your ability and strength as a patient, but you have just proven once again why you are the greatest dad anyone could ever have. I love you so much papeechee. I am so grateful are my dad. (: Thank you Dr. Trisal, Dr. Tan, and Dr. Grannis you all did great. Especially Dr. Trisal, you deserve the greatest thanks! (:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Anxiety Level To The MAX!

Couldn't sleep last much anxiety. Today is the huge surgery for Marco. None of us are looking forward to it,especially Marco. But we all know Marco and he hasn't backed down from fighting thus far.

Just really wishing all turns out well and that doesn't have a lot of PAIN. That is my worst worry the pain that he may have after this surgery. No one like pain or to see their loved in pain. Having to deal with all this shit and still having to tolerate the aftermath of pain.

Cancer sucks, Marco shouldn't have to be going through this for the 6th time. As if once wasn't enough!

Gianina or I will be posting on here and on Facebook.

Again, Marco will be in ICU for 4-5 days after surgery. We ask that everyone please hold off on visits till he is in a regular room and if you are sick STAY HOME!

Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and especially all the positive vibes coming our way. We appreciate it!

With that said:

Give it all you have Marco to kick cancers ass!

LOVE YOU! Handsome!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking Forward To The Weekend.... Not The Surgery!

Back from COH and its a go for surgery on Monday. Like I said don't know how to really feel...a lot on the line this time around. Mix feelings about the whole thing.
I just get so mad, thinking of everything Marco is going to have tolerate come Monday. Screaming to the top of my lungs will do no good.

Asked Matthew today while waiting for Marco, if he knew his daddy was going to have surgery on Monday and he said yes! Gianina asked so how do you feel about that and he answered fine how are you? Lol......I asked Gianina how she felt? She said fine so they asked me and I replied SCARED! and Gianina said me too, Matthew said he was terrified!
We all laughed and continued to wait for Marco to come out of his tests. But we know that we are scared of the unknown basically.

This will be a huge surgery and the doctors have already told Marco it will be a long recovery.

We will be spending the weekend at the track. What better way to end the weekend before surgery. I don't cheer for the 99 Carl Edwards..AFLAC car but hope he wins to close a great weekend......LOL I almost believed that one....48 BABY!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One more week

With one more week to go before surgery...time just seems to be going fast. So far Marco is doing good as he always says...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final Radiation

Wednesday 2/23/2011 was Marco's last radiation therapy. Next step surgery. Marco has been seeing and having a lot of xrays and test done to prepare for surgery.


We saw Dr.Grannis who reminded Marco that the surgery would be a huge surgery and they are worried more of blood lose and infection. Three doctors will be in the Operating Room so they are looking at their calendars to get together at the same time to be available for the surgery.

Seems that Marco is "Unique" not in the way that we all know him to be, this unique would be in a bad way we guess. As it was put its not that he is weird but "Unique" very unique.

Their is another patient that has a different sarcoma than Marco that also has had recurrence 4 times with chemo and radiation and it seemed to be coming back for whatever reason that the doctors can't explain.

This patient has been cancer free for 5 months and they are watching her closely. They are very dumb founded that they can't seem to get a handle on it and it seems to not respond just like Marco.

The good thing is that they are willing to fight with Marco to get a hold on it.

Again, I will be asking all Rally Monkey's to donate blood again. We would be very grateful if you could, I will let you know when as soon as the surgery date is given.

As for now Marco is dealing with some side affects from the radiation but is somewhat good. Very tired and hanging in their.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Down the Hatch

So today Marco saw the diet lady and she was surprised that Marco was eating all the foods on the list that she told him not to eat. But yeah we all know Marco and if he doesn't feel anything then everything is "good".
He has lost a total of 9 pound in the last 3 weeks and they do not want him to lose more weight. This is not good for the healing process but with all the chemo he had and the radiation he is having now, it is not easy for him to feel like eating.

He is starting to feel some irritation in his throat and down his esophagus. Today was the day he swallowed that nasty liquid gel they gave him to drink, to coat his esophagus to heal faster and he decided to tell me if I took a drink he would defiantly drink the rest with no problem.

So there I go and agree, oh hell no this was nasty but I held it in and swallowed it ....ugh the things I do. But the things Marco does to drink all that, was awful. He did a good job holding his nose and down the hatch. Good thing its only 3 times a day he needs to drink that, cause I don't think he could handle more than that.

He is now getting over his nasty cold too. He has also been very tired after every radiation treatment but he tries to do what he can till he is ready to lay down and rest.

Today he completed his 4th week of radiation and is doing okay so far, so now we are changing our way of eating with out a lot of spices...will see how this goes.
His platelets have been going down so they are going to continue to watch it, if it goes lower than 75 count we may need a transfusion, we hope he doesn't get there.

We are all sad by the news that "Amy" our dear friend and Gianina's social worker/counselor will be leaving us at the end of February. She will be missed and I wanted to let her know how much we appreciate all she has done for us and for listing and being there for Gianina when she needed someone to talk to when all hell breaks loose or just to hear the things that bother her at the moment. Truly appreciate all you do. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Starting to see some side effects

Well Marco started 4th week of radiation on Monday and has been trying to kick the cold out of his system. I let the doctor know that Marco has been having back pain. Doctor will keep an eye on this and see what happens by tomorrow, because it started to go away already.

Marco is now starting to feel some discomfort while eating spicy things so no more spicy for him. And will see if Marco will start taking his medication they prescribed soon. He has been feeling very tired after every radiation treatment, his platelets are dropping but not alarming yet so they are looking at that too.

He has lost a total of 9 pounds just in the last 2 weeks, this is not good they want him to maintain his weight if possible. So they are looking at that too. Almost done with week 4 so will see what happens and will let you know

Monday, January 10, 2011

Next Step Radiation...

Well as you all know we got a call from Dr. Chen's office to make an appointment to see him and talk about possible radiation plans well today was the day.

Marco got tattoo'd where the radiation beam will be aimed at his chest area. He will be getting radiation for 5-6 weeks, 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day.

Marco will have some possible breathing problem, burning in his esophagus, and trouble swallowing. He will have a severe sun burn on his chest and back that will need to be watched while in radiation treatment.

Following this appointment we saw Dr. Chow who let us know that the tumor around the Aorta has shrunk where you can't see it, but the bigger tumor on his back by his shoulder blade has grown (not good news).

Dr. Chow also reminded us that there will be no more chemo, Marco has reached his chemo limit. Soon as radiation is done to try to shrink the tumor, surgery will follow (date not given yet). Dr. Trisal will tell us what the plan is as far as surgery and reconstruction after the surgery.

Things are just going to start getting tougher for Marco as far as all the shit that he has to go through to "HOPE" this Mu'tha F%#ER doesn't show its ugly head again!

We are hoping that some of the blood donated will be used for someone who needs it before Marco and we want to thank everyone again for the Donation Drive. But it seems that we won't be able to use it now, but if anyone would like to donate again before the surgery date we would appreciate it ...I know it is a lot to ask but only if you want.

Thank you!