Monday, January 10, 2011

Next Step Radiation...

Well as you all know we got a call from Dr. Chen's office to make an appointment to see him and talk about possible radiation plans well today was the day.

Marco got tattoo'd where the radiation beam will be aimed at his chest area. He will be getting radiation for 5-6 weeks, 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day.

Marco will have some possible breathing problem, burning in his esophagus, and trouble swallowing. He will have a severe sun burn on his chest and back that will need to be watched while in radiation treatment.

Following this appointment we saw Dr. Chow who let us know that the tumor around the Aorta has shrunk where you can't see it, but the bigger tumor on his back by his shoulder blade has grown (not good news).

Dr. Chow also reminded us that there will be no more chemo, Marco has reached his chemo limit. Soon as radiation is done to try to shrink the tumor, surgery will follow (date not given yet). Dr. Trisal will tell us what the plan is as far as surgery and reconstruction after the surgery.

Things are just going to start getting tougher for Marco as far as all the shit that he has to go through to "HOPE" this Mu'tha F%#ER doesn't show its ugly head again!

We are hoping that some of the blood donated will be used for someone who needs it before Marco and we want to thank everyone again for the Donation Drive. But it seems that we won't be able to use it now, but if anyone would like to donate again before the surgery date we would appreciate it ...I know it is a lot to ask but only if you want.

Thank you!