Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Through Vero's eyes.....The Wife's sister

Fallin apart at the seams. We knew that we were in for a crazy ride but can it be that the crazy ride has gone into overdrive? Marco has been spitting up more and more masses of bloof from his lungs. They have been getting bigger and bigger. Last night he struggled to spit up 2 enormous blood clots the size of a paper dollar. He has been using up an enormous amounts of energy to spit up the clots and has had an alarming rise in his blood pressure and pulse. His body has been going through fever and sweats all day and night for the past 2 days. Larry the nurse says that his body is trying to compensate for the extreme shortness of breath. His distress has also increased because last night, the medicines had not been aleviating his pain or anxiety. Today the meds were all increased to help make him more comfortable and relieve some anxiety. We are on alert to watch out for additional issues like passing out, falling, and the dreaded blood clot getting stuck. He is in crisis mode. Every breath taking every ounce of his energy. We are aware that we are entering dangerous territory. The lungs are expelling an alarming amount of masses and breathing capabilities can be blocked at any time.

Through it all we continue to see Marco's sharp wit shine through. He is conscious and alert between the sedation of the meds. He is in good spririts. He does not complain. Instead he says he has the greatest nurse in Marie. He makes fun of the green Jello we are begging him to eat. And he fights for the remote claiming he is listening to the t.v. with his eyes are closed.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tough Week

Marco's cough is just getting worse with bloody sputum almost every time he coughs. The breathing has been out of control and he has a hard time just sitting up in bed. Larry has been here three times this week to check on Marco to make sure he is doing ok. Another medication was added for anxiety that Marco has been getting as he gasps for air.

Larry called in for a different oxygen machine because Marco has reached to max level on this little one he has now, which only holds 2-5 oxygen levels and changed it to 5-10 oxygen level. It has been very tough for Marco this week, with all the coughing his sides have been really giving him more soreness and slight pain. We just need to maintain pain management to keep Marco comfortable. We will keep you posted as things progress

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hard To Breath...

We had a good turn out for our blood drive....thank you to all of Marco's Rally Monkey's for showing up and supporting the a good cause. Marco was not able to attend because he had a horrible night of fevers and was just coughing all night. He sent me represent so that everyone would be willing to donate next time.

It was bitter sweet returning to COH since Octorber. I had an hour to drive in and an hour to drive back by myself and the emotions I was dealing with were emotionally exhausting.

Since Saturday, Marco has not been doing well. His breathing has gotten terribly worse, there is nothing he can do without getting absolutely winded. It takes him longer to try to catch his breath and it is just terrifying to see him gasping for air. I just feel helpless that there is nothing I can do but run to put the damn oxygen level to the max on the machine and cross my fingers that it gets to him fast enough before something happens to him.

Last night I was on the computer as he walked to the bathroom it didn't take long before he called me I ran to the bathroom door and he was turning colors and he said he needed the oxygen. Well it took him a while till he was back to "normal breathing" it was scary to see him like that.

He has been on the oxygen 24hours a day and is now taking his breakthrough medication 2 X a day aside from his normal doses. The fever is still there off and on in the day and night time. So far we have had a handle on it to bring it down fast. He has a harder time keeping a conversation too. As if all this is not enough he has been coughing up a lot of blood sputum which is not a good thing either. So far, we are just keeping an eye on him like hawks.

I was planning on putting up the pictures from last Saturday, but that will have to wait a little bit. But we would like to take the time to thank you all who donated on Sat. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Under Control So Far

Seems like Marco is having more pain that he himself doesn't seem to feel but his fevers have been spiking up this last week. He is now on the oxygen machine pretty much all day. I have been giving him his breakthrough medication at night time like clock work to ease some of the fever and soreness he has been feeling more on his sides and pressure in his head.

He seems to be coughing more too. Still with some bloody sputum. I hate to see him out of breath and gasping for air. Seems like his breathing is getting worse too. Told him today he needs to just take it even more slower that he has been so he doesn't lose his breath and to make it easier on him.

We did have a nice weekend last weekend, we had several family member come and visit including Marco's family which was nice. It was great to see them all.

For now Marco has had a fever between 100.9 to 102.1 every night. We are keeping an eye on it, extra morphine seems to be working to keep things under control so far. Will keep you posted.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Weekend....Strenght

Just seems like a lot going on. Marco has had a real hard time with his breathing the last couple of days. And has been coughing more lately too with some bloody sputum. No fever tonight which is good. He has been feeling very tired as well but does his best to get up and do a little something. Extremely slowly not to get winded.

We are excited to see family we haven't seen in a while, Moshura's sister is coming out from D.C. to visit and the Temecula family will be here this weekend. Just hoping Marco can be out in the living room if only for a little bit to say hello. Since he hasn't been feeling good lately at all.

Emotionally drained is what we feel. Just wrapping up on last minute things so we can say that thing to do list is done. We want to thank my sister Surviving 3 under 5 for helping us out with all of this shit we had to do.

Will keep you posted if anything changes.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fever Creeping Up

Well Marco seemed to be feeling better this morning. We ran some errands this morning and picked up the kids from school and he said he was feeling okay. His breathing was good and everything seemed to be in his "normal".

Marco even said he was fine and for me to go to the casino for my birthday. DLP called me a 2 hours later saying Marcos fever had jumped to 100.9 and she had already given him some medicine to bring it down and not to worry but as soon as we could we left to come back home.

So far his fever has gone down but his breathing started to act up again so oxygen was placed back on and now he is trying to rest. I will post if anything changes so for now he is okay.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why? Does it seem that when the fun ends.... the fevers begin...???

Saturday night, Marco was really gasping for air and asked for the oxygen, you know his ass wasn't feeling well at that point to ask for it. . When it was time for us to go to sleep all he did was get into bed and leaned in to get all the blanket ready and his eyes almost popped out his head because he couldn't breath.

It scared me to see him like that, he asked for oxygen again. 5 min. later he looked better and he was

able to breath normal again. When Sunday rolled around, Marco was really hoping that he would feel good to see all the guys and be able to make it to the get together. Well, it didn't take long after he woke up and got out of bed when his was having a hard time breathing.

So finally when it was time to go I told him we could go for a little bit and if he didn't feel good then we could leave. Packed up the oxygen tank and meds and we were on our way. He was just taking it easy and we were able to stay for awhile till he felt tired and we came home. We had a great time with the the Disturbers and Family. With all kind of good food and good times. Seeing all the grown kids just made you feel like time is passing by so fast. Thank you to Liz and NoNo for the Super Bowl get together.

This morning he had a hard time breathing so he was on the oxygen again. He also coughed up some bloody sputum. Around 8:30pm tonight he was having more problems breathing so he is back on the oxygen. He has had a fever of 102.0 so I started to put cold packs on him to bring it down.

Its 11:58pm now and his breathing hasn't changed (normal this morning 5 min it was back to normal) right now just seems to be giving him problem. Gave him some medication to bring fever down and see what happens throughout the night. He is not feeling good at the time will keep you posted. His temp right now is 101.4 so it looks like its coming down slowly.

Marco says he is glad he was able to see all the guys before the fevers kicked it.