Friday, May 4, 2012

Family Update....and just missing him alot

 DLP finally went to her prom. She looked so beautiful and her date looked so handsome. He picked her up in a white limo and then they left to enjoy their prom. It was nothing but bitter sweet, Marco had the chance to see DLP in her dress and all he could say was my little girl is growing up fast and how her date needed to be on his best behavior. As the limo pulled away, it was tears galor, and just feeling Marco should of been here for this. Just one of the many moments we have and it just seems to make me mad even more that he was gone to soon. We know there will more moments that we wished he was here for, but we make the most of it and still talk about what Marco would of said or done at any particular moment then we laugh and we feel better.  Gianina will be graduating this month and she is very excited to start planning her future.

I have been able to volunteer at Machinis school in the morning which makes his day. I wasn't able to participate in much the last couple of years but would send in something when it was called for. Machini gets a great big smile on his face when I go in to his class with cupcakes, lego head cake balls, jumbo pickles. He says he likes to see his friends faces when they see what I bring them. It's testing week and they have been doing a good job, I will be making pancakes for his class tomorrow so will see how that goes.

We went to go visit S3U5 in Palm Springs for the weekend and were surprised to get tickets to a sold out Stagecoach 2012 Country Music Festival, we love stagecoach and were excited to be going. We laughed, we cried and even got to hear some of the songs Marco would sing out loud randomly which just made it even more awesome. Little things like that is what brings comfort to our hearts, and its a good thing. So thank you to S3U5 and her hubby for that.

We promised Marco that we wouldn't think of the day that he passed away but it just seems to creep up on you anyway. It's been 2 months since, and we are still waiting for him to come through that door as weird as that may sound, we have a shit load of stories to tell him, we want to share all the excitements of the day and the upcoming events and that is when it gets hard to think he is gone. The tears just seem to come out of nowhere but we say okay your dad would be slapping us right about now we dry our tears , laugh and try to move on.
 Many life changes and surprises are coming around the corner and it will be hard to adjust to it all, but we can do it because Marco has taught us to be strong and see that accepting what life has in store for you will make it a little easier to deal and to live life to the fullest no matter what.