Friday, June 15, 2012

                          Happy Father's Day to the Strongest, Courageous and Greatest DAD ever!

Dad, we miss you so much. We miss your hugs, kisses, and your voice. You always had great advise for me and Matthew. Your jokes would brighten our day and your insane outburst make for great memories. It's hard to believe that you are no longer with us. Your presence is so strong that we often find ourselves waiting for you or ready to call out your name. Many times I am turning around to walk with you or ready to point something out to you. 
As I am preparing for my college journey I am guided by the words you wisely spoke to me. I know that even though you may not be here physically, you will continue to guide me in life with all you taught me over the years and experiences we have shared.
Matthew will grow to be the spinning image of you and we will make sure he becomes as great of man as his daddy was. He continues to look to you for strength and courage. You continue to guide him with your legacy and will always remain as a significant influence to the man he will become.
Dad, you are never far. We love you and appreciate all you have done for us and will continue to do. We are so lucky to have you as our Papeechee! Happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so wonderful! I miss him so much too. Your poppa is always with you as you said. Luv ya, Leezy130

me said...

Seeing this pic as the screen popped up was like you guys literally just went on a trip. It's weird because sometimes it just doesn't seem like he's gone. It is so easy to feel and think.. eh Marco is not feeling well, or he is in a bad mood and didn't come out the room -- or he decided to stay home to relax and get a break from you crazies. And then it gets really weird when you just don't want to go there and remind yourself of the reality. It is just so much better to enjoy him in the present and constantly have the reminders of his sayings, jokes, actions, faces, and comfort that things are no big deal. I find myself sitting in silence sometimes and poof I am living the moment like a movie (when someone is there alone, living a past moment as if it is right there - actually happening) He constantly brings a smile to my face. Love you guys. Miss having you around Marcito.

Salt AND Pepper said...

Thinking of you Marco. Constantly re-living wonderful memories. Missing you terribly. I know you are in our hearts, touching our lives forever.

Love you Marco!

Thank you!

Salt AND Pepper said...
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Anonymous said...


I lost a very close relative to this rare disease as well three years ago. It began with a very unassuming bump on the back of his knee. It then became same experience that you mentioned in your timeline. Fortunately, he was able to fight and hang on for a couple more years that what was originally expected. What made his passing easier to deal with was the fact that he was in (and possibly with) good spirits during his last few hours with us.

I found your blog since I recently watched a film that had a minor character with the same disease.Though I was forewarned about the scene,it brought back some emotions that lead me to your site.

My Condolences,

A in Los Angeles